How to Make a Positive Decision

In this post I will be talking about making positive decision in life. Many people have failed in business due to the ‘bad decision’ or rather call it ‘poor decision’ they make in life, always remember that each decision you take matters a lot in your life and your business as well.  If you make a positive decision you will excel in your career with that decision, but if you make a wrong decision you will fail in your career with that decision, it is always right to think very well before making decision especially those decisions that cannot be reverse. So in this post we will be discussing more on this aspect and find a positive way to make decisions that will benefit us and our business. So scroll and read through. Here are some decision making tips for you to consider before you even make a decision. By considering these ideas, will enable you to decide positive on the decision to take in life. You will know how to make faster decisions.

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Some of these ideas may be contrary to popular opinion. But they are used by effective decision makers. Using these decision making tips means not just that you make great decisions, but you also make your life easier for yourself!

1. Put Yourself First When Making Positive Decisions 

When making your decisions, put yourself first. It’s important that you’re better off as a result of making the decision. This may seem selfish, but it’s better than spending your life doing things for others that you don’t want to be doing, and/or not having time to spend on what you really want to do for yourself. This does not mean that everyone else can go to hell!! In relationships, of course, there will be times when you do things for your partner, knowing that sometimes they will put themselves out for you. (If this is not happening, it’s worth spending the time to sort it out!) This is the first and most important of these decision making tips if you want to take care of yourself.

2. Consider Your Family: If you consider your family important to you, demonstrate this by creating work life balance in your decision making. As above, it’s important not to compromise your family either. Whatever decision you make, you and your family should benefit in the short-term and in the long-term. Many people, however, use this as an excuse for continuing as they are. The typical example is to say they are working long hours so that the family can have money. The family of course, wants to be spending time with this person. If you prefer working to spending time with your family, then do just this. And don’t compromise yourself or them by pretending anything else.

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3. Make Your Own Decisions: If you allow others to make decisions for you instead of making your own decisions, then they are running your life. In effect, you’re giving them control and you are living the life they think you should have.

4. Take Responsibility: This is a big one. In order to take responsibility for your own decision making, it’s useful to have a decision making process that works for you and to know something about your own values and principles. Of the decision making tips, this is often the one that people are most reluctant to take on, and the one that has the most impact!

When you do take responsibility many things become available to you.

*You immediately consider what you can do differently and you act on it.

*You are freeto make a different decision at any time.

*You are prepared for the consequences, whatever they are.

*Other people respect you.

*It makes it easier for them to take responsibility for their own decisions

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Most people want to know how things will pan out before they make a decision. This is a decision mistake and is usually counter-productive. The world is chaotic, unpredictable, and unexpected things happen. It’s much more useful to take things one step at a time. To make a decision, you only need to know what the single next step is that will get you closer to your outcome. Then, having taken this step, you decide what the next step is.

You will notice that some of these decision making tips overlap. And to implement some of them, it’s easier if you have others in place. An important thing to bear in mind when reading these tips for decision making is that the whole process is more than the sum of the parts. An important aspect of the decision making process is you.

5. Assess And Update: Having made your decision and started into action, it’s important to continually assess what’s going on. Is what you’re doing getting you to where you want to go? If it’s not you may need to make a different decision. It seems obvious and yet it’s amazing to notice the number of people who think that once they’ve made a decision they have to stick to it. Even if it’s not getting them what they want!

6. Permission To Change: Give yourself permission to change your mind always and at any time. If you made a commitment to something in the past that is no longer useful for you, you are allowed to give up that commitment. Changing your mind may be the first step to changing your life and learning something new.

7. Change Your Decision Reluctantly: This may seem like a contradiction to the last one of the decision making tips. Those who are successful in life are able to make great decisions and are slow to change them. People who are not as successful tend to change their mind a lot.

There are lots of decision making tips to be had from studying successful people because they know how to make great decisions. They choose goals and keep aiming at them, regardless of the obstacles that arise.

Many people who fail do so because at the first or second hurdle, they give up. They change their mind, make a different decision. Then at the next big hurdle they make a different decision again.

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So do successful people never change their mind? Of course they do. They make a different decision if it becomes obvious that the goal they are aiming for is no longer viable or becomes detrimental, or if something better appears. Then they commit 100% to the new decision.

New research points to a simple strategy for curbing indecisiveness

There are some decisions that you would never think twice about—like marrying Ryan Gosling or avoiding the middle airplane seat. But sometimes even little choices—like jeans and a blouse or a shirtdress—can have you wracking your brain for the best option. Luckily, researchers pinpointed one decision-making tactic that can help: People are more satisfied with their decisions if they perform a physical act of closure (like closing the menu) after they’ve made their choice, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

To test how this affects your happiness with a decision, the researchers conducted several studies in which they asked participants to choose from a selection of products. In one study, participants were asked to pick one type of chocolate from a tray and then either place a transparent lid over the tray or leave it uncovered. They found that people were happier with their choices when they covered the tray after they made a decision even though they could still see the other options through the transparent lid. In the next study, participants chose a kind of tea from a menu and were either asked to close the menu after making their decision or leave it open. As expected, those who closed the menu were more satisfied with their choices.

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Why does this little action have such a major effect? “We think it could be that performing this physical act triggers the mindset of ‘I’m done. I have to move on,’” says study co-author Simona Botti, associate professor of marketing at the London Business School. “You’re concentrating on the chosen option more and not comparing it relative to the other options you rejected.” So the next time you’re stuck second-guessing your dinner option, shut the menu or close the fridge. Not only will you curb your regret, but you’ll be even happier with what you chose.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to success in life and road to attaining financial freedom.

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