Mavin Singer Rema Meet His Look Alike Female Fan

Nigerian music star and Mavin records act Rema recently performed in Cote d’Ivoire and one of the high points was him connecting with a female lookalike fan. A few months ago, a picture of a female Ivorian went viral online with fans surprised at how much Rema looks like the girl. When Rema performed in Ivory Coast a few days ago, he finally met with the girl and the resemblance is really striking.

He shared photo of them on Instagram and wrote; ‘I finally found my sister’. However, many fans have reacted to the photo and some are insinuating that the girl is Rema long lost sister.

However, the resemblance is real and it looks like the fast-rising Nigerian singer, Rema, seems to have always had an identical twin without his knowledge. Just recently, photos of a young lady who looks so much like the singer circulated on social media. Rema and the lady have now been opportune to meet and he has acknowledged their resemblance by calling her his sister.

Sometimes people do say God created us in twos and this is not in any way referring to twin births. There have been funny instances where an individual from one family bears a very striking resemblance with someone else from another family or even nationality.

That appears to be the case of the fast-rising star, Rema. The young singer seems to have found his ‘twin sister’. Just recently, the photo of a young lady who looks so much like Rema circulated online as people even made jokes about their resemblance.

However, Rema and the lady, who resides in Abidjan, Ivory Coast have been opportune to meet each other and the singer has acknowledged their resemblance. In a new tweet, Rema called the unnamed young lady his sister. As expected, quite a number of fans have reacted to the post with some of them telling the singer and the lady to go for a DNA test to prove if she really Rema real sister or a mere resemblance.

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