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Musa Mohammed Fofana professionally known as Mbamcf is a Liberian/Guinean and American songwriter and recording Artist. He was born on the 16th of October 1996. He is currently 24 years old. He is regarded as one of the fastest rising artist of his country and also known for his unique music.

Early Life And Career 

The Fast Rising Star “Mbamcf” started his musical career at an early age, and professionally as from 2020, According to the Singer on his Recent Interviews with Naijatraffic. He Stated “that Being born in West Africa and coming to the USA as a kid was Very hard and Difficult for Him, and was also a major blessing for him to do what He enjoyed most which is Music.

Mbamcf also stated that “He was raised in the Northeast Philadelphia, PA so I’m a true PHILLY BULL.  Having gone through life Changing experiences many don’t survive I know I’m blessed to use my gift of self expression through art.

My music style is an infectious fusion of various childhood influences and my travels, my parents had to flee our home country due to civil unrest that plagued it for nearly 2 decades. As a result, I was born in a refugee camp where I spent some of my formative years and endure extreme hardship and loss.

Through my travels, I’ve been blessed with friends across different cultures who have positively influenced my outlook on various cultures. For example, where I grew up in Northeast Philly, a sizable percentage of the population is made up of immigrants who are recently arrived or first-generation American.

Consequently, I’ve shared classrooms, grocery stores, parks, and many more with people from cultures other than my own, all of which have heavily influenced my art.

I love Authentic Afrobeat from my roots in The Motherland.  Vibe to HipHop, Trap, and Pop, yet I can easily fuse elements of Rock, Alternative, Jazz Fusion, and Dancehall in sounds. You can never get one sound from me because I always delve into new to sounds and make them come alive with my MandingoCockyFlow my Liberian Tribal Slang!  He Said.

Educational Background 

Mbamcf completed his primary education At Carnell Middle School and Secondary Education at Northeast High School

Mbamcf  pursued his bachelor’s degree at the Manor College, a private associate and degree granting college in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.

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