Meet DJ Cuppy Half Sister Tolani Otedola

Very little is known about the first daughter of Nigerian billionaire business man Femi Otedola. Christine Olawunmi Otedola is Femi Otedola first daughter but happens to come from a different mother with DJ Cuppy and her siblings. DJ Cuppy and her siblings have taken Christine as their big sister and took to social media to celebrate her some years back on her birthday.

Femi Otedola had her before getting married to Nana Otedola, the mother to DJ Cuppy. Christine’s mother once gave an interview of how she dated Femi Otedola and got pregnant, but Femi Otedola mum refused to accept her as a wife for her son. She was of a very low class and a Muslim as well, unlike Femi Otedola whose Father was a rich journalist, politician, former Lagos state governor and Catholic Knight and her mum was a first Lady.

When she eventually gave birth to her daughter Christine, Femi Otedola’s mum Lady Doja Otedola took the baby from her and barred her from seeing Femi Otedola and her little daughter. Despite all her efforts, she was literally stripped of her motherhood by a mother who did not find her worthy of her son. Christine Olawunmi also known as Tolani is a talented singer and also song writer. She is the step sister to DJ Cuppy and the first daughter Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola.


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