Meet Shuavy: The Duo Destined to Hit African Top Charts in No Time

Known for their daring and trendsetting fashion designs, the fascinating sound of the name “Shuavy” and the essence of the brand remind us of a duo so capable of introducing us to new styles every season. Little did some of us know that their musical talent goes hand in hand with their ability to set new fashion trends.

While the musical abilities of the brother-entrepreneurs have so far been overshadowed by their unmistakable fashion line and the exceptional qualities of their products, it won’t be long before we begin to move to the rhythm of their music and enjoy the beauty and harmony of their voice.

Zeegi and Meegi are extremely talented Afrobeat singers and rappers of Nigerian descent. The musical siblings grew up immersed in music, as they were born into a family of musicians. Their father was a Church organist and Choir Director, while their mother used to sing alto in church.

While many of us would argue that they were born with sufficient talent to reach greatness, Zeegi and Meegi are, however, their own creation. The duo grew up learning the tonic solfa notation. Their early interest in moving their body also meant that they learned how to dance around the same time that they were learning how to do things and care for themselves.

The result is often an exhilarating experience of the joy which comes from their electrifying performances. As kids, they were so fantastic on stage that they were often invited to treat the audience to their unique vocal talents at school shows. Staff and students of schools like the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, University of Port Harcourt, and the Enugu State University, to name but a few, have enjoyed fascinating evenings packed with virtuoso performances from the skilled musicians at one time or another.

Their unique musical talent, vision, and willingness to improve combine to make them such a duo capable of delivering some of the best performances our generation has come to expect. While being able to make great music is enough to make a great musician, Shuavy goes beyond just that – they bring a variety of musical styles to their performances – including performing in multiple languages such as English, Igbo, and Pidgin.

Whenever they sing, they express a typical mood, ideas, or sentiment so poignantly and charming that you suddenly comprehend the full extent of their message. Whether they are singing about the significant events that have changed our world or just sharing a story, emotions could hardly be conveyed more clearly than by the sound of their voice.

Zeegi and Meegi are both gifted and trained to convey meanings without noises and delight with their music. Shuavy draw their inspiration from accomplished musicians like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and P Square, by diligently looking into their creative works.

With their album due sometime in 2019, it won’t be long before we start to either hum to their songs or cry tears of joy while experiencing their extraordinary ability to deliver a perfect and moving performance.

The duo’s musical skill, dedication to action, incredible ability to master their instrument, perseverance, and capacity to fight through periods of low motivation should see them hit the African top charts in no time.

You can follow them on Instagram using the hashtag @meegishuavy @zeegishuavy

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