Meet The Tribe In Africa That Is Forbidden To Marry And Only Walks With 2 Toes

Meet the tribe in Africa that is forbidden to marry and only walks with 2 toes. The Universe is amazingly great with many creatures in it. Mankind was created in the image of God hence humans identified by similar physical features. But have you ever spotted a normal human being with two toes before? Let’s take a look at what is inside this article.

The Vadoma tribe is also called Bantwana which literally means descendants or children. In this village, marriage outside the tribe is abominable and these two-toed human beings exist like lizards. They are also identified as the Ostrich- footed tribe.

The Vadoma tribe which is mentioned as the oldest tribe in Africa, happens to be the only hunter gatherer tribe in Zimbabwe currently living in the Kanyemba Region close to the basins of the Zambezi River Valley.

It is unlawful for members to marry outside the tribe and as a result, the two-toed condition does not extend to other tribes. Members with the condition are not regarded as disabled persons in the community and it is reported that their toes help them to climb trees easily.

The tribe is infamous for having the rare genetic condition called Ectrodactyly syndrome. This condition occurs when there is absence of one or more toes or fingers at birth. Their condition is genetically passed on from generation to generation and because of this they are not allowed to marry from somewhere else apart from their tribe.

The Vadoma tribe would have loved to take part in sports but their exceptional human feature prevents them from doing so. They cannot run, neither can they wear shoes. People of this tribe are able to walk to hunt for game or collect food, but with a little difficulty.

The condition in the Vadoma arises as a result of mutation of chromosome number seven. What they inform us is that a dominantly inherited genetic mutation survives when it has more beneficial effects, thus, the two-toed feet can help in climbing trees. Their condition is regarded by many as an abnormality but the Vadoma people see themselves more superior to other tribes.

The Vadoma people believe they emerged from a baobab tree with others also claiming that their forefathers were like birds who emerged from the atmosphere and settled on earth, and later mingled with women, mixed their DNA to produce young ones of their own kind.

Only few men are so fortunate to have had an encounter with the Vadoma. Among these few men, one of them identified himself as Charles Sutton, who hails from Banstead, decided not to keep it a secret but share his encounter with the whole world.

Charles Sutton during an interview with our correspondent said; “When I first heard about the Vadoma people, I was entranced. Fortunately, I met a tribesman from Mozambique with good local knowledge who led me into Chiruwa hills.

“The tribesman, having went ahead alone, returned to tell me that he had spotted an aged man sitting alone on the floor outside a dilapidated hut, surrendered by a number of clay pots. Inside the pots was wild beer.

“We proceeded to meet the man and I could see astonishment written all over the man’ s face. He later confirmed that I happened to be the only white man to visit the area and first white man he had ever seen,” Charles Sutton stated.

These Vadoma people are reported to be curious but will abscond at the sight of an intruder. The aged man Charles and his guide had encountered was the headman of the tribe, and gave the strangers some beer made from boiled fruits.

Charles Sutton further added saying; “As we enjoyed the wild beer, the elderly man beat the drum and immediately we were surrounded by scores of his tribesmen, including women and children. Some were carrying infants on their backs. They were wearing almost nothing, just a loin cloth.

“I could see some of them with only two toes on each foot, in a V- shape resembling Ostrich foot; the rest had web-like feet. I enquired from the aged man, why he and his tribe people decide to keep away from civilization and move to villages close to the Zambezi River.

“He responded to me saying, this is the only culture they are aware of, and for that matter they are contented with it.

The Language of the Ostrich people are Chikunda that is Portuguese. Their features are different from other African tribes, and their preoccupations are hunting, trapping wild animals, fishing and collecting wild fruits, roots and honey.

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