Mike Ezuruonye Shades A Man Who Owns G-Wagon But Squatting With Friends

Nollywood actor Mike Ezuruonye has shared the story of an unnamed man who has a G-wagon worth over millions of naira but still squats with a friend. Mike Ezuruonye said that this person has been parading Lagos with his new car just to impress girls and people. The actor revealed that the person needs relief materials. Nollywood actor Mike Ezuruonye is lamenting about the fake life that some people live just to impress others.

The actor took to his official Instagram page to air his opinion about the subject matter. While he did not mention names, the film star noted that someone bought a G-wagon worth millions of naira even though that person is currently not living in their own house or even living in their rented apartment, but rather swatting with a friend. According to him, this person is squatting with someone while impressing the whole of Lagos with his new acquisition.

Mike Ezuruonye revealed that this same person now needs relief materials. According to the actor, living and maintaining a fake life is expensive. The desire to impress other people has pushed many into misplacing their priorities. The urge to show others that they are also doing well or even more than them has made many take decisions that ended up hurting them. While many attribute this kind of attitude to the pressure of social media, it reveals how such people are not contented with what they have and also to determine to do better in their daily endeavors. Sadly, this kind of person misleads younger ones into thinking that success only has to do with material acquisition.

Mike Ezuruonye was born on 21st September 1982 in Lagos in the south western part of Nigeria. He is currently 37 years old. He is originally from Anambra State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. He is the eldest child in a family of 4 children. Mike Ezuruonye is a graduate of Accounting from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in Anambra State, Nigeria. He joined the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood in 2003 and acted in his first movie “Broken Marriage” a movie that brought him to limelight and made him a public figure. Mike Ezuruonye has starred in other movies like Endless Passion, Beyond Reason, Critical Decision, Unforeseen, and many more.

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