Your Mind Is Your Greatest Asset [Inspiring Story]

In life everyone seems to misunderstand that the greatest asset you have is your mind. The mind connects you to opportunities, riches, wealth, health, peace and prosperity, internal rest, financial independent, financial intelligent and financial freedom. Your mind enables you to turn challenges into opportunities. Your inner world creates your outer world. Your mind creates creativity, your mind creates opportunity that will make you successful in life, your mind creates an engine that will drive you to that success and your mind is the greatest asset that you can ever possess.

But the problem with the world is that many people fail to invest in their mind. How many books have you read? What is you purpose on this earth? What do you want to achieve as a human being? It is only your mind that has the answer to this entire question. Your money tomorrow will be the same as it is today unless you go inside, clean up your mental files and re-program your mind for the success you desire. The mind is what connects you to creativity, your mind guide you through your time of struggle and difficulties.

Your mind is like a razor blade, it sharpens your life for success. You mind is more precious than gold because it is the source of your existence. It has being revealed through research and personal experience that the mind is the only remedy to your situations in life. When you start investing on your mind you will never encounter any problem in life and even if you do you will address it professionally as a mature person.

You are the root of your success and the route to your success. That is why you have to work on the root cause of your financial success. You need to invest on your mind, how do you invest on your mind? Simply by reading motivational books, career guide, personal development contents, all these books have the greatest food which you can feed to your mind. It is when you gain financial knowledge that you will attain true wealth. Financial knowledge is the only key to financial freedom and it is only your mind that will enable you to achieve financial knowledge and then attain financial freedom.

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Your mind connects you to opportunity, it connects you to your dreams and it helps you actualize your dream. Your mind chooses a career for you and enables you to work towards it and actualize it through determination, persistence and hard work. Some of you have great talent, skill, creativity, but yet you still complain of poverty, why not invest on your mind, so that it will bring out that potential in you and make you realize how important you are.

Money is very difficult to make, but with a determined mind, money becomes very easy to make. When you invest on your mind you will see that things will be going very well for you, God that created you knows the reason why he gave you a mind, so that you can be able to do things on your own.

The mind is what differentiate us from animals, if not for our mind we all are animals, but with our mind we are distinguished from animals, the mind enables us to function very well as human being, it enables us to think wisely and act very fast. My question I have for you is; have you invested on your mind?

Like a businessman or businesswoman, for you to become successful in your business, you have to invest on your business isn’t? But have you invested on your mind?

You have to train yourself on personal development. You can’t get that kind of training from your formal school or higher institution because the school system trains us to be slaves to the real world. You have to train yourselves through reading motivational and inspirational books, watching motivational videos, audios, attending seminars and learn the habit of listening.  You need to accept the fact that we are no longer in the industrial age, we are currently in the information age, so you need information right now to be able to achieve success in life.

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Some of us when we were young and our parents discipline us, we will start thinking that they hate us, no they don’t, they are guiding us to start investing on our mind, it is when you grow up that you will realize that all the discipline given to you by your parents when you were still a teenager was to prepare you to face life and the real world strong and healthy, it was to sharpen your mind to be able to understand that this world is very cruel, wicked and difficult in live in.

The point I want you to note is that every single statement you heard from when you were young is logged in your brain and mind and those statements are running your blueprint. I have changed my conditioning by cleaning up my mental software and I have reprogrammed my mind for money to flow to me easily and effortlessly. The greatest and wealthiest people on the earth are investors, people that invest on they mind, it is when you invest on your mind that you can acquire great wealth.

Check the record of the world richest man, Bill Gate, he invested on his mind, he took out time to study programming and finally invented Microsoft which happens to be the richest company in the world. Every business around the world relies on Microsoft because all business work through computer, internet and you can’t pass through a computer or internet without passing through Microsoft Window.

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I want you to believe that what your mind can conceive your mind can achieve it. That is why I am committed to taking you through a process of discovery, dream, designing and reprogramming your success mind for the results that you desire. Your conditioning has created a blueprint and that blueprint is controlled by a thermostat, your money thermostat. That is why some people can win a large amount of money today and a few years later they are broke. This happen simple because they lack financial knowledge and it only the mind that can give you financial knowledge and your financial knowledge create wealth for you which will later give you financial freedom. The software of your mind determines the outcome of your results.

According to Albert Einstein;

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

Albert Einstein possessed one of the greatest minds of all time. And that is why he is referred to as a great philosopher. When I read this quote it really speaks to me and I can relate to it. I feel it’s necessary for us to understand that our mind is our greatest asset. The way you think about yourself is what is going to translate into the real world. Do you think less of yourself? Do you doubt you can be a great leader? What is the first thing you are thinking about when you first get up in the morning? I truly believe that your day will be either good or bad depending on what type of mindset you have when you first wake up. It is on that moment when your mind says, “Good Morning! What type of mindset are you having today?

Many people have negative mindset and that has crumble them to become failures, your mindset in life is very important because it symbolizes what you will become in future. We have to understand that each day brings its own struggles. I’m not saying that you have to be happy all day long, but having control of what you tell your mind is the key. The question I have for you today is; What Are You Feeding Your Mind with?

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Many people believe that they houses, cars, bank accounts, etc are they assets, but I tell you, they are your liabilities,  your greatest assets is your mind, your mind is the only and greatest source of your income. Your house may catch fire, arm robbers may rob your bank account, your car may damage due to accident but your mind can never be damage, why? It is because, God almighty personally created the mind for us to see beyond the unseen. It is your mind that will send you to heaven, when you begin to understand the clear meaning of life and accept Jesus Christ in your life, it is your mind that will grant you financial freedom when you invest on your mind and acquire financial knowledge. My people I want you to believe with me that the mind is the greatest asset that you can possess in life.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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