Misgovernance Pushed Us Into Biafra Agitation – Simon Ekpa Reveals

Simon Ekpa, a Finland-based self proclaimed Prime Minister of Biafra Government in Exile has stated that the reasons for their agitation is the inability of the political class to address issues of national development bedeviling the country. A statement signed by Dr. Ngozi Orabueze, the chief of staff to the acclaimed Biafra Government in Exile (BRGIE), lamented the social, political, and economic situations in the country.

The statement said the situations which created the atmosphere for the social unrest in the country in 1967, has been allowed to continue even till today. Simon Ekpa regretted that these existing conditions coupled with the continuous exploitation of the indigenous mineral resources to the detriment of the host communities, have made the existence of Nigeria and Biafra as one country not only very difficult but impossible.”

His remarks were made at the World Peace Summit which was held in South Korea. Defending the idea of a Biafran Government in Exile, the self-acclaimed leader stated that it will help to eradicate terrorism from the South East region. At the 9th anniversary of the 18th World Peace Summit, the group urged for consideration for a political system that would put an end to the constant killing of innocent indigenous people of Nigeria by rehabilitated and reintegrated terrorists.

Recall that Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, a cooperative organization of International Women’s Peace Group, has engaged both governments and civil society in peace conferences aimed at resolving conflicts and establishing sustainable peace in the world. At the summit, Biafra Government in Exile chief of staff, Dr. Orabueze, was commended for her role in seeking peaceful means towards resolving issues surrounding the welfare of the Southeast and South South regions of the country.

This is as the group reasoned that acknowledging the clamour of the region would “improve the living standards of its citizens, improve lifestyle, increase per capita income, and increase sense of responsibility as citizens.

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