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Moses Armstrong is a famous Nollywood actor and singer. He made a debut into the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) in 1999. He was born and bred in Akwa Ibom State in the south southern part of Nigeria. Moses Armstrong has acted in movies like Kissing the Wind, Spiritual Challenge and Western Union.

Having appeared in a couple of films, Moses Armstrong is very happy about the movie industry, which according to him is a good one. He believes that in the shortest possible time that he is going to blow up and become a superstar.
He doesn’t like talking about his educational background because here in Nigeria, a lot of people had lied about their educational background, so he does not want his own to look like a Toronto thing but he says he read Catering and Hotel Management in Sunwa University in Seoul, South Korea.

Below is an interview with him, where he talked more about himself, his career and personal life.

Starting up
I attend auditions like every other person. I struggle for roles and obtain them by merit. I have never gone begging for any role nor has anybody given me any role on the basis that I am the producer’s friend. I was given a sub lead role by Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi in a movie titled “Bodyguard” which was my debut that really pronounced and that I am grateful to God that I performed so well that the director commended me and told me that it was a good performance which I should keep up.

Best role done
I see all my roles as challenging and it has spurred me to a greater height. I always put in my best and ensure that it comes out very well. Recently I played a significant role in “Ajiko Forest” where I played the role of a rich chief, while Zack Orji played another role in the movie. In the movie, I sponsored him to become the governor of the state with three billion naira, and with my status in the film, I abducted Zack Orji, making the role to be very challenging. I am grateful to God that even the marketer commended me. By saying Armstrong, you carry this role wear for body like cloth, so he was very happy for my performance. The marketer had to say that I did it from a different angle from the script.

What inspires you?
I would say that in the movie industry, one has to be him or her and whatever the individual does, it has to be done well. My inspiration is my unique role because I believe that as an individual, I look forward to see how I could affect people’s lives positively.

Relationship with directors
It sound bad, but there are some directors who would want to make me feel bad, by pushing me around, but there is no particular type of director that I cannot work with. There was a time that I was working with Dickson Iroegbu, and he told him that whenever I come for his auditions, that I might not be given any role, he told me that probably it was not yet my time to work with him. He called me one day and said that why he likes me is because although I come for his auditions and yet I was not chosen and yet I don’t take it personal and that if it was some other actors, they would take it personal by not greeting the director again, but I don’t do that rather I would still greet him.

Sourcing for role
Some directors knows that I could play any role, so they gave me opportunity to feature in their films. Some of which includes Bodyguard, where I played the sub lead. Also in a movie-titled “Trap” I played a major role. In Soldier boy, I played a sub lead role, in the Investigator, I played a sub lead and in other films.

Role model
I like Albert Shino because he acts very natural. I also Emeka Ike, because he acts like a Nigerian because he is very natural, he does not speak in a foreign accent unless the movie warrants him to do so. I was opportune to feature in a film with Emeka Ike, in Soldier Boy where I played the sub-role, I had learnt a lot from him.

Why not comedy?
Many people have seen me as a comedian and some directors are telling me to go into comedy, that when I do that I would make it fast but I don’t want to be a stereotyped rather I want to make an impact first before venturing into comedy. I want people to see me as a close-by actor and call me to feature in other roles rather than stereotyping me as a comedian.

There are challenges but I know what I am doing. When I am given a role, I know that I have to do it well. There are times that I have to work very hard during an audition, believing that I would be given a role but at the end of the day because of bias or because somebody has a brother there, so I have to lose that role, which is very painful, disappointing and discouraging, but I don’t seem to be discouraged. Another challenge that I had faced is consistency, which is not easy.

Best movie acted
I had always done well in all my movies but I would particularly say that Soldier Boy and Ajiko Forest is the best. Although I had been acting but I had realized what it takes to be an actor, which is all about delivery and expression, which I implemented in Soldier Boy, which the director really appreciated.

Happiest moment
I am not being funny, anytime that I wash my dirty clothes, I feel very happy because, I don’t like people to wash my clothes not even my girlfriend, nor the drycleaners and not even my wife because I wear the clothes and I know where it is dirty. Or my happiest moment could also be when I am on set.

Challenges of managing stardom
It is not easy right now because I do not have a car, I have to enter a bus, then sometimes I would stand at the bus stop and wait, it is not that I don’t want to enter buses but I have to enter a clean one and where I would always sit is in front. Every single person on the street knows me and I don’t know most of them and they would say, look at that actor jumping into a bus, so most of the time I have to take an Okada sometimes even without enough money but just to be comfortable.

At times when I do not have much money on me, I would have to go to a canteen to eat. There was a particular Sunday morning, that I went to eat there but the canteen where I usually eat was not opened, so I had to go to another canteen to eat, so while I was eating beans and bread, I met two ladies there, they were stunned that they stopped eating their foods but were watching me, wondering why I should come to eat there, they were happy and they thought that I would pose but I did not. They liked me for that, after we had all finished eating, I paid their bills and they became friends.Even while walking on the streets, people would call me and I have to answer them so as not to offend or embarrass them, which makes me to be extra cautious and careful.

Worth as an actor
I don’t want to say it, it is best known to me but I am aiming at one-million naira mark.

Social life
I like making friends most especially ladies because they give to me the other side of life. I don’t like guys because they are envious of me by gossiping about me. I have had some ugly sides with guys, which has made me to keep them at bay. I also spend my time watching Nigerian movies because each movie that I watch, I learn something new about the culture of Nigerians.

How I realize my roles
There is no role that I cannot act as an actor, I act any role that I am given and I do it well, as far as it is good and it portrays my character and my ability.

Acting negative roles
I act any role as long as I am paid for it and as long as the Nigerian Censors Board allows and approves it then I would act that role. If a director wants me to act naked and it is allowed and am paid for it then why not!

Best kind of costumes
I like suites because I like being corporate and when people see me they would appreciate me for my dressing.

Films and their lessons
It is about an agreement, before an individual goes into an agreement he has to read and know the terms of agreement before going into such agreement. While in Soldier Boy, it is not good for an individual to be jealous and greedy which eventually leads to death.
Films you have acted
I have acted several films such as Bye Bye Poverty, Ajiko Forest, Come In Peace, Bank Manager, Immoral Act, Last Contact, etc.

Moses Armstrong is currently a politician in his hometown of Akwa Ibom State in the south southern part of Nigeria.

Moses Armstrong is currently one of the richest and most influential actor in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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