Moses Efret Biography and Net Worth

Moses Efret is a popular Nollywood actor and a television personality. He was born and bred in Akwa Ibom State in the south southern part of Nigeria. He is very handsome, skillful, creative, gifted and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles and can fit in any character given to him by movie directors and producers in Nigeria.

He is originally from Akwa Ibom State in the south southern part of Nigeria, where he completed his primary, secondary and tertiary education and obtained his First School Leaving Certificate, West African Senior School Certificate and Bachelor’s Degree.

On 10th April 2009, he got married in Cameroon to Emma Ngo, the former girlfriend of Nollywood famous actor, Mike Ezuruonye. Unfortunately, he is yet to have a child from the marriage. But before his wedding to Emma Ngo, a Cameroonian lady who is based in the United States of America. The actor was enticed by the Lady’s kindness who showered him with lots of gifts and cash before he joined her in the United States of America.

Moses Efret who moved to the United States of America not too long ago to join his wife Emma Ngo, according to a reliable source is expecting a baby from another lady he has been having an affair with in Nigeria. The cat was finally laid out of the bag when the mistress in Nigeria threaten to exposed the actor turned gospel artist of his double dealing and extramarital affair. Our reliable source also says that, this happens to be the actor’s first child. He has been married since 2009 but he does not have a child from his legally married wife.

However, the lady Moses Efret impregnated is said to be a Nigerian lady from his town and she has rebuffed all entreaties by the actor’s close friends not to expose him but to no avail. To clear the air on the issue and to maintain a clean posture, the actor was said to have granted an interview via Skype, an online portal where he totally debunked the story. Meanwhile sources have revealed that Moses Efret actually impregnated the lady, but he is denying the allegation because no gospel record label would want to have a gospel singer who is sleeping around while married.

Moses Efret has acted in several Nollywood movies which include One Night in Vegas, Hot Brothers, The Unforgettable Words, Lone Star Deception, John Bosco in America, etc.

Moses Efret is currently one of the richest and most influential actor and gospel artist in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $250,000.


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