Mr Eazi Is Inviting Fans to Earn Money By Buying Shares in His Music

Nigerian music star Mr Eazi has announced an experimental plan for fans of his music to earn money by buying shares in his songs. The music star, whose hits include ‘Skin Tight’ and ‘Leg Over’, said via Twitter that fans could own equity in his songs and earn income on streaming revenue. He also stated that fans can invite others to be a part of the hits their helped create.

According to his words; “Am Gonna try an experiment on my next release where you guys the fans will be able to buy shares on My song! Meaning you will own an equity % on the song! As u stream & give me $ some goes back to You!!!” Eazi said on Twitter.

“I have consistently since 2016 been Top 5 most streamed African Artists & that’s 100% due to my fans!! I love you guys!! And it’s time to get you in on the equity side!!! He said the growth of African Music “must benefit us all, from the creators to the Fans!!”

Earlier this year, the Banku pioneer teamed up with Nicki Minaj and reggaeton heavyweight J Balvin on the songs ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Lento’ respectively.

“Imagine you had a percentage of my last song with Nicki or my new single “LENTO” with Jbalvin!!! As u stream u make it a hit, some of the $ comes to you! But most importantly you are a true part of the Global Smash Hit you helped create,” Eazi said.

Mr Eazi’s plan is largely unprecedented in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and will give Nigerian investors an indirect means to invest and earn in foreign exchange in the industry.

In August last year, the artist launched emPawa Africa, a talent incubation initiative designed to nurture and support up-and-coming African artists.


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