Naijatraffic Group Established a Newspaper and Magazine Company “Wakadaily”

One of the Nigerian Privately owned multinational Conglomerate, Naijatraffic Group, has been dominating the space of media and technology and yet to launched another brand; a news and magazine agency with the name ‘Wakadaily’ targeted at bringing it’s audience up to speed with the latest Breaking News, Global Records, Magazine, History, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Finance, Investment, lifestyle, Top List, Ranking and Reviews as well as everything related.

According to the Founder, Iking Ferry “the birth of this particular news and Magazine brand is aimed at improving news and information being fed on a daily basis to members of the public at large. Wakadaily Is not just a Newspaper and Magazine Company, it’s a Movement, We are the Voice of the Voiceless.

In the words “we are delighted to announce the fact that we have been ushered into the news and media industry, an industry known for its rich history, deemed valuable and of a great reputation. though we wouldn’t ignore the fact that there have been loopholes as well as a results of rumors being dished out to the public not true or verified, we would love to embrace this challenge of redefining the industry with our authentic contents and resourceful information to accord the industry back its Respect as it was in the days of old.

He further added “The vision hasn’t changed a bit and the mission still remain intact as we would continue striving with momentum to not just set the standard only but to be the standard as well for other news agencies to look up to. we are going to make it our daily routine of bringing our audience up to date with the latest happenings in the country and World at Large.”

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