Never Give Up in Life

If you are going to fulfill your destiny then you have to have a made up mind, no matter how many times you get knock down you are not going to stay down. You are not going to complain, you are not going to be depressed and give up on your dreams, you are going to keep pressing forward looking for your victory. You need to have a holy determination, you need to have a never self doubt attitude, the people that succeed are not always the most talented, they are the most determined.

They know how to persevere, when they fail they don’t see it as failure, they learn from it and try again and again, as long as they continue trying they is a possibility they will succeed. When they face obstacles they don’t fall back and get discourage, they persevere and fight the good fight of faith.  In life they is something coming against us such as disappointments, setbacks, unfair situations, but too many people just give up with excuse that it is too much on them.

To overcome obstacles in your life you have to have a warrior mentality, your right attitude should be, no matter the obstacle I shall never give up on my dreams. If you have a holy determination and a made up mind, then no obstacles, no setbacks, no forces can deprive you from achieving your God given destiny. God did not create us to give up when it gets hard, he didn’t create us to get discourage when we face obstacles.

God created you to be a conqueror, you have victory in your DNA, you have been anointed to make it through difficult time. God consider our spirit to be wrong when we are giving up, when we are negative, when we are discourage and when we complain a lot without any positive action. You have been armed with strength for every battle, the forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you, God shall use you as instrument of testimony.

Don’t ever give up because you aren’t seeing the fruit of your hard labor, you need to have a made up mind that you will become what God has created you to be. Nothing that happens to you can keep you away from your God given destiny, you might have had an unfair past but you don’t have to have an unfair future. God will not allow difficulty in your life unless he has a divine purpose, if you shake off the self pity, shake off the discouragement, God will bring you out better than before.

Your attitude should be, difficulty can never defeat me I am going to persevere and knock it out, as long as you are in faith to God no difficulty can wail you down. You need to have a never self doubt attitude, life may throw you down, they may be some bumps along the way, but always remember that every setback is a setup for your greater victory. That difficulty was never meant to destroy you, it was meant to strengthen you, if you will stay in faith, God will turn every battle field into a blessing field for you.

You may be in tough time right now, but don’t let that to get you sad or depressed, don’t complain, don’t blame God for your failure, learn to persevere and believe there is a victory in your DNA. Life is all about season, believe that your season is on the way, your season of success, your season of financial breakthrough, don’t get discourage, a new season is coming your way.

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