Never Look Down On Your Potentials [Inspiring Story]

Everybody is on this earth is born with a potential and what is potential? Potential simply means our talents, skills and ability to do something creative. It is really ignorant that makes people look down on their potential, some have abandoned their potential with the excuse that it is not necessary. Whatever potential you have should be harnessed, mastered and put to work.

Most of the time I sit down and wonder why many people still remain poor, upon all the opportunities left in the world for them to make money. I figured it out that most people are ignorant of their potentials; they have abandoned it and decide to search for a secured job (white cola job). But I tell you with every evidence I have gotten, no job is secured; you can only be secured when you have achieve financial freedom.

In this post I am going to look at what potentials, talents and skills are and how you can use yours to build wealth for yourself.

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Potential, talent or skill according to Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary means ability to do something, create something out from nothing and perform extra-ordinary things that is profitable to you and your household. A person with great potential is someone who has the ability to create something out of his creative mind through his passion and make a living out from it.

Due to ignorant or rather lack of potentials many people especially graduates finds it very difficult to harness their potentials. I am writing this post especially for graduates who are still crying and beating their chest because of unemployment to see the things there are missing in life and reposition themselves before it is too late. Don’t hope for the government to give you job because those government you are hoping on has family members too who are graduate just like you and imagine how their will abandon their own family member just to attend to you.

Think of how many years you have wasted in school, from nursery to university level, that is approximately 18 to 20 years and yet you cannot use your common sense. In Nigeria many graduates and students fell to understand the school system there are in, there forget to know that the school (Tertiary Institution) is training them out to become civil servants and workforce.

In Nigeria we have more than 1000 institutions of learning and every year the country keep on producing millions of graduates without any company for them to work on and thereby allow them to be dumped in the labor market to face their life on their own. But during their educational career no lecturer ever taught them about personal development, Skill acquisition, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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What many graduates were taught in school was how to work and perform well in a company/firm, eg. (Oil, Gas, Manufacturing firms, Bank, Media, Government agency and ministry, Tele Comm. etc.), students were also taught how to prepare and write good CV and perform well in interviews.  Many graduates were trained in higher institutions to become civil servants and be taking orders from people. Every graduate now goes outs into the labor market after spending many years in the university and wasting lots of money to acquire certificate only to become stranded and frustrated in life because of unemployment.

The jobs are there but they are high rate of unemployment due to discrimination. If you don’t know an influential person or someone in government or of high hierarchy in Nigeria there is no job for you, even if you like come out with first class degree or 2nd class upper degree nothing for you. But if you are a beautiful girl some organization manager will want you to be their woman or sex machine before they can give you the job what a shame.

A company cannot place job vacancy or advert on their gate, billboard or website but yet they are employing people regularly (ghost workers), those without links and connections are abandon to suffer in abject poverty. It is only those who have uncle, aunt, father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, relative and friends in Government that can work in a government ministry or agency. The most painful of all is when hundred graduates attend a job interview for the vacancy of just two positions that is where interviewer will be asking graduates useless question that will make you wonder if really you are at the right place.

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Many of these graduates cannot even start a lucrative business to survive and make a living for themselves due to lack of fund and capital. It is because of this issue that I am going to address in this post. I will tell you what to do so that you will leave the league of unemployed graduates and join the league of business executives and CEOs.

Everybody wants to make money, that is the major reason why we all went to school, to acquire knowledge and become productive, so that we can make money and assist members of our family and in this post I am going to tell you what to do so that you can have your financial freedom and stop queuing up on the line in search of white cola job that doesn’t exist.

Not to waste much of your time I going to list some of the potentials and skill that you need to acquire or possess so that you can make a difference in your life and become financially independent.

Below are the Skills and Potentials that you should possess or must possess to be financially free in life

  1. Acting
  2. Dancing
  3. Tutoring
  4. Comedy
  5. Singing
  6. Rapping
  7. Sewing (Tailoring)
  8. Writing
  9. Blogging
  10. Author
  11. Make up
  12. Catering
  13. Video/Movie Editing
  14. Movie/Music Directing
  15. Movie/Music Producing
  16. Designing.
  17. Graphic
  18. Web Designing
  19. Drawing and Painting
  20. Choreography
  21. Football
  22. Basket ball
  23. Volley Ball
  24. Table Tennis
  25. Athletic
  26. Bead making
  27. Event Management
  28. Photography
  29. Wedding and Program Covering
  30. Cameraman. Etc.

I advise all graduates especially Nigerian graduates who are jobless and unemployed to take one of these skills or potentials and work towards it, instead of sitting at home and doing nothing, probably waiting for government to come to your house and give you appointment letter. You have to take charge of your life because you will be held account if eventually you fail to achieve success. The opportunity is there already.

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When you become famous an successful in any of the skills listed above those companies that refused to give you jobs before will beg you to become an ambassador for their brand and even sign a million naira contract deal with you and treat you like a celebrity. You have to take these things I have said on this blog seriously and never neglect or disregard them.

Nigerian famous comedian Akpororo was a no body until he proved himself as a creative comedian after winning AY stand-up comedy contest and today he is a brand ambassador to Airtel Nigeria.

Multiple Award Winning Designer, Yommy Casual was an ordinary tailor but today he is a celebrity designer and sews clothes for celebrities, business executives and politicians.

Nigerian famous artiste Koredo Bello was an ordinary young artiste but after proving himself as a talented singer, Don Jazzy signed him into Mavins Records and today he is a brand ambassador for GLO Nigeria.

What of AY, an ordinary comedian brought up by Opa Williams in his show “Night of Thousands Laugh” currently, he is a brand ambassador to the United Nation for peace.

What of Genevive Nnaji who started out as an ordinary actress and today she is a top brand ambassador to MTN, GLO, etc. and also the highest paid actress in Nigeria.

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What of Mikel Obi, an ordinary Enyimba of Aba midfielder, but today he is an international star, a Chelsea Midfielder and Pepsi brand Ambassador.

What of Linda Ikeji, an ordinary blogger who failed in so many businesses and today she owns a big mansion worth $6 million in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Should I continue? What of Wizkid? What of PSquare? What of Olamide? What of Jim Iyke? What of I go Die? What of Uche Jombo? If I continue I won’t end this post today. So what is your excuse for not achieving success? What does this people possess that you don’t possess? How many head do there have? Does God love them more than you? Are there more smart and intelligent than you? So tell me, what is your excuse of not achieving success? This question should be answered privately in your room within your mind.

What of Regina Daniels, Nigerian famous teenage actress, I believe you must have seen her on posters in almost all the video outlets in Nigeria. She is just 16 years old, an SSS2 student OF Hollywood International College Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. She is currently earning #600,000 per movie.

What of Ozzy Boscco, who happens to be Africa youngest superstar. He is just 10 years old and probably still in primary school and he is earning more than #2 million per show.

What of Amarachi Uyanne, the best youngest dancer in Nigeria. She is just 12 years old and probably in JSS1 and she won #10 million in “Airtel Got Talent Competition” in 2015 and since then she has being attending shows and earning approximately #500,000 per show.

So what are you waiting for Nigerian graduates, instead of sitting at home and doing nothing or waiting for government to give you job which you know doesn’t exist, why not take one of those skills listed above and work on it. Give yourself 5 years interval and know where your talent can take you to.

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I encourage you guys to take charge and control of your finances and your life, I am writing this post to inspire you guys and I strongly believe that you guys will follow my advice.

If you have any comment concerning all I have said you may hit the comment box and I will be ready to answer all your questions. I hope this post have inspired you to take charge of your life, never look down on your potential, develop you talent and skill and use it to build your dream future. May God bless you all.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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