Nigeria DSS Again Invites Fr Mbaka For Questioning After He Prayed For Nnamdi Kanu

Nigeria DSS again invites Rev. Fr. Mbaka after he prayed for detained IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka has raised an alarm over another invitation by the Department of State Services (DSS) to Abuja for questioning. The DSS had in June last year visited the adoration ground to deliver the letter of invitation to the Catholic priest, but missed him.

Though, details of the invitation were not stated, our correspondent learnt it might have had to do with the priest’s criticism of the Buhari Administration and his call for the president’s resignation and impeachment.

Fr Mbaka gave the hint of another invitation from the DSS in his 2022 New Year message during the cross over night at the Adoration Ground in Emene, Enugu State. It was not clear why a fresh invitation was being extended to the cleric. However, our correspondent learnt that the latest invitation might be over the priest stand on the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his group of agitators.

He had last year called Nnamdi Kanu a hero after his arrest, demanding his release and warning that if the IPOB leader dies in the custody of the DSS, there will be more trouble and calamity in Nigeria. Fr Mbaka, who pleaded with his followers to intensify prayers for Nnamdi Kanu over the fresh DSS invitation, also begged fellow priests to stop castigating him for praying for and blessing the IPOB leader over his travails.

He said; “Anonymous brought a letter here inviting me to the DSS last year. Now, another anonymous has brought another letter from the DSS. Please, you must keep praying for Fr Mbaka.”

He insisted that his Adoration Ministry was an answer to the prayers of the church over the years. According to his words; “If the Pope sees what is going on here, he will go to any length to protect it. Forget about what people are saying. Fr Mbaka may not be the best, but God is using him to glorify his name.

“Look at the hundreds of thousands of people who are gathered here just to worship God in the Catholic Church. Anyone who is working against this kind of gathering must be a Satan incarnate. That person must be doing a special work for the devil,” Fr Mbaka stated.

The cleric, who used the cross over night to intensify prayers for the IPOB leader and other agitators under incarceration, stated that he sees Nnamdi Kanu as his son. Fr Mbaka said: “I’m begging my fellow priests to stop condemning me for praying for Nnamdi Kanu.

“I am not closing any priest’s mouth and nobody should close my own. If I use my mouth to bless Nnamdi Kanu and you don’t like it, please use your own mouth to curse him. Leave me to bless him.

“I see Nnamdi Kanu as my son. Every Igbo man and woman is my child. You may not understand the spiritual authority I have on this land. If as a church, we can be praying for Nigeria in distress, nobody can stop us from praying for Nnamdi Kanu and our brothers in distress. This year will be for Nnamdi Kanu and those held for agitations. God will show them mercy this year,” he stated.

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