Nigeria Is Dangerously Going Down! But I Can Fix It If Elected President – Peter Obi Stated

Nigerian Presidential aspirant under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has painted a picture of the situation in Nigeria, warning that the country was dangerously going down, but assured that he has what it takes to fix it if elected the next president of the country.

Peter Obi, who addressed Anambra delegates and other stakeholders in Awka as part of his ongoing consultations across the country ahead of the PDP presidential primaries, regretted that emphasis among Nigerians has been to share, rather than emphasizing on production before sharing.

He said: “JP Morgan, an international organization, has said that Nigeria is no longer an investment destination despite her enormous economic potentials. Nigeria is going down and my duty is to warn the delegates while making their choice during the primaries to do the right thing.

According to his words;

“I am committed to this project and I know that I have what it takes to turn the country around for the better. I have gone to all parts of the country and found out that the people are suffering so much. If I become president, we will emphasize more on production formula than the present situation of sharing formula. All we do in this country is share and share, with less emphasis on production.

“I am optimistic that the country can be fixed and it needs someone who is equipped like me to fix it. Among all those aspiring to contest in all the parties, no one is more equipped and qualified than me” he stated.

He also reminded the stakeholders that Anambra is a PDP state, adding that the state must take its rightful place in the party, not minding the present problems in the state branch.

According to his words; “My appeal is that we should go to the primaries as a family as all eyes would be on Anambra delegates”, he told them.

He also urged the delegates to receive all the aspirants coming to campaign in the state, noting that all of them are in the market shopping, adding that he is not in enemity with anybody.

Also addressing the gathering, the director general of his campaign organization, Doyin Okupe said it would be sheer wickedness to deny Igbo the presidency in 2023, arguing that the country would be lucky to have Peter Obi as president of Nigeria.

According to him, many notable Yoruba people hold the same view and are working hard to ensure that an Igbo man becomes the next president.

According to his words; “Those parading themselves in Yoruba land ought to understand the meaning of equity. I recall that Igbo people unanimously voted for MKO Abiola in what had been adjudged the freest election in Nigeria.

“Though I am eminently qualified to contest, I cannot because I know it is the turn of Igbo and that Peter Obi is more qualified to occupy the position. Peter Obi is the  best among those who are coming  from the East and he is better than all others that are aspiring to be president.

“This man has gone around the world seeking knowledge and he is the most imminently qualified to lead this country”.

After the interaction, the Anambra delegates passed a resolution urging other Igbo presidential aspirants to step down for Peter Obi so that the South East would go to the primaries as a united body to present their best. The motion was moved by Chuba Oranusi, a former member of the State House of Assembly.

We can move Nigeria from money-sharing to producing country. Peter Obi also reiterated that it is possible for Nigeria to move from a country where money is literally being shared to a country of productivity.

He cited examples of countries, even in Africa, that have far smaller land mass and lesser population, even when they are non oil-producing countries, that have better productivity outputs than Nigeria.

Peter Obi spoke yesterday on Arise TV Morning Show where he was interviewed by a panel of top journalists that included a former Presidential Adviser, Mr Ruben Agbati.

He stated that fixing power in Nigeria was not a rocket science, but a concerted effort that involves fidelity to utilization of fund even if the funds are borrowed.

Peter Obi disclosed that the late Prime Minister of Nigeria, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa was the first to borrow  money to build Kanji dam, stressing that the country can still borrow and invest it well than share the borrowed money.

On education, he stated that his first, second and third love were education, disclosing that women do better than men when educated. “The country must invest in education,” he insisted.

On corruption, Peter Obi said; “Aspirants are paying 100,000 dollars but they don’t have tax clearances. This is a country where a house of Assembly member shares cars that a professor cannot afford to buy and they will say the politicians are doing well,” Peter Obi stated.

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