Nigerian Army Have Been Exposed As They Secretly Release 1,000 Boko Haram Fighters From Detention

On Wednesday 15th July 2021, the Nigerian Army secretly released over 1,000 Boko Haram fighters who had been kept as prisoners at the Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno State in the northern part of Nigeria. The terrorists who were captured by gallant Nigerian soldiers during Goodluck Jonathan administration were delivered into the hands of Borno State Government in a secret operation that was supposed to have occurred during an earlier period but were postponed till further notice by the military officials after the appointment of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Faruk Yahaya.

According to sources in the Nigerian military, the former jihadists terrorists were delivered to Hajiya Zuwaira Gambo, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development who represented the state government at the event.

A soldier spoke to journalists saying; “The army handed over 1,009 Boko Haram fighters to the Borno state government today. It was done in secret. We were warned not to allow journalists to enter the venue.”

Back in 2016, Nigerian soldiers commenced Operation Safe Corridor, a strategy for the deradicalisation and rehabilitation of former Boko Haram terrorists. However, some Nigerians have reacted to this development.

According to reactions from Nigerian, one said; ”This is commendable at this rate, the whole of Northern Nigeria will already have terrorist education, instead of western Education and by 2050, we would already have majority terror literacy. The North will soon know peace if they will all become terrorists and strap bombs in their pants, everyone will be scared of the next person and that’s exactly how respect is born,” very funny comment indeed, but it has an insight.

Another person commented saying; “I am not surprised that this is happening. Buhari all this while knew that Boko Haram are his children and to annihilate them runs contrary to his islamic beliefs and doctrines.”

Another Nigerian commented saying; ”The same ex-terrorists aka repentant Boko Haram members will be handed guns and recruited into the army for dirty jobs. Some will be recruited by Gumi-like politicians to work in their kidnapping/banditry organizations, while the rest will likely join Fulani killer herdsmen what a country.”

Another Nigerian commented saying; “Amotekun, ESN, OPC, MEND and other Southern militant groups should brace up. These ex-Boko haram members were trained by the Nigerian military. If not, when did army barracks turn into correctional centers or prisons?”

Nigerians who commented on this development by the Nigerian military sponsored by Buhari government are totally unhappy over the poor leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari who tend to favor terrorists over Nigerian citizens.

These Boko Haram terrorist were released mainly for the purpose of unleashing terror on southern Nigeria especially to counter the anti-grassing policy the region is embarking on as well as further implementing Buhari’s Fulanization agenda.

In a region where kidnapping and banditry still take place every now and there, how can you release 1,009 terrorists just like that into society? They say that once a soldier is always a soldier and that equally goes for terrorists, which goes like this, Once a terrorist is always a terrorist.

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