Nigerian Army Sent Serious Warning To Fulani Leader Sheikh Gumi

Nigerian Army has warned popular Islamic scholar Sheikh Gumi and his Fulani cabal to exercise restraint with their utterances. This was contained in a statement on Monday signed by director army public relation Mohammed Yerima. The army said contrary to Gumi statement to bandits recently that Christian’s soldiers were the ones killing bandits. The army does not deploy troops along with ethnic and religious sentiments.

While the Nigerian army would not want to join issues with the respectable Sheikh Gumi it is however important to restate that the Nigerian army as national institution does not deploy a troop along ethnic or religious sentiment.

Therefore, Sheikh Gumi and his other Fulani cabals are warned to exercise restraint and not to drag the image and reputation of one of the most reliable national institutions to disrepute.

The statements read in part; A clip emerged in which the cleric was seen telling bandits that soldiers involve in an attack against them where non Muslim. He further stated that they should be aware that soldiers are divided into Muslims and non Muslims. Can you imagine the kind of statement coming out from this man who calls himself a Muslim cleric?

It is obvious that the gap between the Christian and Muslim is very massive and it will be wise for the country to be divided so that the Christian can go and form their own nation while the Muslim can go and form their own nation. However, leaving them together to live as one nation is like locking up a cat and a rat in one room.

What Sheikh Gumi is trying to insinuate here is that Muslims soldiers and the bandits are working together. That was why he was pleding loyalty to the bandit on behalf of Muslim soldiers. My question now is why is Sheikh Gumi walking freely in Nigeria? Why hasn’t he been arrested by the DSS, Army or Police? If it was Mazi Nnamdi Kanu they will arrest him immediately.

This proves that the federal government of Nigeria headed by Muhammadu Buhari is very firndly with the bandits and Sheikh Gumi. If not why are they silent over the utterance being made by this Fulani leader and Muslim scholar? This country called Nigeria is doom and only God can save his people in this notorious country called Nigeria.


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