Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari Break Silence On Why She Ran Away From Aso Rock

Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari ran away since and relocated to Dubai. The first lady left Nigeria since September 2020 and hasn’t returned till date. Even when Nigeria was going through #EndSars protest the first lady was still in Dubai. However, many concerned Nigerians have raise question on why the first lady of a country would leave her country to find peace and harmony in other people’s country.

However, Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari has cited Insecurity in Aso Rock Villa as the reason why she left Nigeria to Dubai. A top source told Sahara Reporters on Tuesday that the First Lady has now relocated quietly to the United Arab Emirate for over three months. No one knows when she would return to the country. Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari has been in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since September these years after the wedding of her daughter Hanan, and has therefore not been involved in any government activities. So tell me, how can a wife stay away from her husband for three months. This action by Aisha Buhari has confirmed that the man in Aso Rock is not her husband.

Sahara Reporters also gathered that the First Lady is not in a hurry to return to Nigeria, despite spending over three months, as she reportedly stated that the Aso Rock Villa was not secure for her family. She took all her family with her and relocated to Dubai leaving behind the clone who parades himself as President Buhari. Nigerians have been deceived by the cabals who claim to be politician. Even literal icon Prof Wole Soyinka has stated so many times in his speech that Nigeria is heading towards anarchy because the country has no central leader. Nigeria is being ruled by a group of cabal who are in Aso Rock.

The relocation of the first lady Aisha Buhari to Dubai has proven that the country is no longer safe to live in. This concern was triggered by a shooting incident which occurred in June and caused some panic among occupants of the Aso Rock Villa.

Sahara Reporters had formerly reported that there was a crisis in Aso Rock Villa after security details of the President’s wife removed Buhari’s Personal Assistant, Sabiu Tunde Yusuf, from the place after he refused to embark on a 14-day isolation period upon returning from a trip to Lagos.

Shortly afterwards, the First Lady’s ADC, Usman Shugaba, in an attempt to apprehend Yusuf, reportedly fired gunshots but the President’s aide escaped to the residence of Mamman Daura where he spent the night.

Yusuf soon ordered the arrest of Aisha Buhari ADC and other security details in connivance with Buhari’s chief security officer. Buhari had ordered a probe into the alleged security breach inside the Presidential Villa.  It will be recalled that on September 4, 2020 Aisha Buhari held a flamboyant wedding for President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Hanan, and Mohammed Turad.

Apart from the opulence on display, event planners for the wedding were flown in from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to add colour and spice to the ceremony. Earlier in August, the First Lady had also flown to Dubai in a private jet owned by billionaire Mohammed Indimi under the guise of a medical emergency to shop for luxury items ahead of the wedding.

Most of the items, including souvenirs used for the wedding occasion, were brought in from the Arabian country. A top source told Sahara Reporters on Tuesday that the First Lady has now relocated quietly to the United Arab Emirate for over three months. No one knows when she would return to the country.

The Presidency source said, “Aisha Buhari has relocated quietly to Dubai. She has been going to the United Arab Emirate even before the daughter’s wedding.

“Before the wedding, she also stayed there for months during lockdown, shopping and relaxing. But since the end of the wedding, she has been away owing to security concerns in the villa.”

Some Nigerians have noticed her disappearance from the public space for the past three months. Checks on her Twitter page shows she last tweeted in October. Sahara Reporters also gathered that occasionally, she issued statements announcing the distribution of palliatives but has never been seen at any official functions.

The September wedding, which had security personnel prohibiting guests from taking photographs, saw the event planners and other vendors flown in from Dubai pocketing huge amounts in United States dollars for their services. But up till today Nigerian first lady Aisha Buhari has not returned to Nigeria. Does it mean she is not missing her husband Buhari or does it mean that her husband is long dead and that she is avoiding the clone who claim to be Buhari.


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