Nigerian Police DPO Abba Kyari Accused of Conniving With Hushpuppi To Defraud Qatari Businessman $1.1 million

United States authorities on Wednesday said one of Nigeria’s top policemen, Abba Kyari, allegedly worked with Hushpuppi, to punish the latter’s partner with whom he defrauded a Qatari of $1.1 million. Abba Kyari is a decorated deputy commissioner in the Nigeria Police Force.

The accusation came after Hushpuppi reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of fraud in an American court on Tuesday. But Abba Kyari denied any wrongdoing, saying that Hushpuppi’s partner was arrested after his office was called about a potential case of threat to life.

“Nobody demanded any money from Hushpuppi and nobody collected any money from him,” Abba Kyari said. “We responded to a distress call he made on threat to his family and released the suspect when we discovered there was no life threat from the suspect.”

The United States Department of Justice said in a statement that Hushpuppi connived with one Abdulrahman Imraan Juma, a.k.a. “Abdul,” 28, of Kenya, and Kelly Chibuzo Vincent, 40, of Nigeria, to defraud the Qatari businessperson by claiming to be consultants and bankers who could facilitate a loan to finance the construction of a school.

The United States Department of Justice said the Kenyan national allegedly posed as a facilitator and consultant for the non-existing bank loans, while Hushpuppi acted as “Malik,” a Wells Fargo banker in New York.

Vincent was alleged to have “provided support for the false narratives fed to the victim by, among other things, creating bogus documents and arranging for the creation of a fake bank website and phone banking line.”

Another Nigerian, 26-year-old Yusuf Adekinka Anifowoshe, participated in the fraud with a call to the victim posing as “Malik.” Anifowoshe was arrested on 22nd July 2021.

A dispute arose in the gang with Vincent, which prompted Vincent to contact the victim and claim that Hushpuppi and Juma were engaged in fraud. After Vincent contacted the Qatari businessperson, court documents claimed that Hushpuppi allegedly arranged with Abba Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police, to have Vincent jailed in Nigeria.

Abba Kyari, according to the United States Department of Justice statement, allegedly arranged for Vincent to be arrested and jailed. The top cop also allegedly sent Abbas photographs of Vincent after his arrest as proof to Hushpuppi.

“ Abba Kyari also allegedly sent Abbas bank account details for an account into which Abbas could deposit payment for Vincent’s arrest and imprisonment,” the Department of Justice said in the statement.

But Abba Kyari told The Guardian Newspaper that he never connived with the scammer. He insisted Vincent was arrested and released based on an allegation of threat to life. He also said he never collected a dime from Hushpuppi.

“Abbas who we later came to know as Hushpuppi called our office about 2 years ago that somebody in Nigeria seriously threatened to kill his family here in Nigeria and he sent the person’s phone number and pleaded we take action before the Person attacks his family,” Abba Kyari said.

“We traced and arrested the suspect and after investigations, we discovered there wasn’t an actual threat to anyone’s life and they are long time friends who have money issues between them hence we released the suspect on bail to go and he was not taken to any jail.”

On 22nd July 2021, American investigators arrested two other persons involved in the fraud. The two were believed to have been involved in laundering the proceed of the fraud. According to the indictment, Abbas was assisted in laundering the proceeds of the fraud by Rukayat Motunraya Fashola, a.k.a. “Morayo,” 28, of Valley Stream, New York, and Bolatito Tawakalitu Agbabiaka, a.k.a. “Bolamide,” 34, of Linden, New Jersey.

Anifowoshe, Fashola and Agbabiaka are expected to be arraigned in Los Angeles in August this year. Part of the money, investigators said, was converted to $50, 000 cashier checks which Hushpuppi and another conspirator used in acquiring the citizenship of Christopher and Nevis, a tiny island nation in the Caribbean also known as Sit Kitts and Nevis.

About $230,000 of the stolen funds was allegedly used to purchase a Richard Mille RM11-03 watch, which was hand-delivered to Abbas in Dubai and subsequently appeared in Hushpuppi’s social media posts.

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