Nigerians May Not Survive Another Buhari Leadership Says Ibrahim Shekarau

The ex-Governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau has stated that it will be wise for the next President to come from the South since the North have already completed its two terms of eight years service through President Muhammadu Buhari. Ibrahim Shekarau further stated that, the Rights of the South producing the next President is not about Zoning, but it is simply about Balance.

He also stated that Nigeria may not survive if someone like Muhammadu Buhari rule Nigeria again. He further stated that Nigerians need a candidate with a leadership skill, someone with confidence and a capable hands, someone that would be entrusted with the responsibility of ruling Nigeria in 2023.

He also stated that growing calls for a South-East Presidency in 2023 is not called Zoning and that it is rather called balancing which has to be some sense of belonging or constitution of common sense. The North has been ruling for Presidency for eight years, common sense would tell us that we should be looking the other side to the Southern parts of Nigeria, identifying that the North and the South is an elementary geography and history.

“Regarding what you have to carry along if the Presidency is been dominated in one particular region, the thought from the other side is what about me? When asked if he has started practicing the ambition to run for presidency in 2023, the Formal Presidential Candidate said he doesn’t know about that, He said it’s a long way off, but quickly added” I am putting it into consideration.

He added saying; “the expectation of balancing and giving all a sense of belonging and justice is common sense”. He further revealed that capable and dependable hands should be assign with the responsibility of leading Nigeria in 2023.


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