Nnamdi Kanu Brother Raises Alarm On Presence Of Fulani Bandits In South East Forests

According to reports from our credible source, Emmanuel Kanu, the younger brother to IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu has raised an alarm over the presence of aliens in the south east forests. Emmanuel Kanu on Tuesday warned people of the southeast region of danger. Emmanuel Kanu said that residents of southern eastern Nigeria should, as a matter of urgency, visit their forests, adding that people should not joke with his advice.

According to his words; “Every community in the south eastern Nigeria should visit its forests. Town Unions should mobilize their youths as a matter of urgency to enter into their forests and find out what is going on there.

“No community should joke with this information. They must go to their various forests to find out from there what is happening right now in their forest,” Emmanuel Kanu stated.

Despite available intelligence on criminals camps in southeast Nigeria, the daredevils continue to kidnap and murder citizens and security operatives. Nnamdi Kanu younger brother Emmanuel Kanu has raised the alarm that Fulani bandits have made a camp in the forests of the south eastern Nigeria.

He warned that the people of the south east should mobilize the youth and go to their various forests in the south east and see what is going on there. He warned Igbos in the south east to be careful, security conscious and alert at all time because Fulani bandits are planning to take over their land by force.

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