No Condition is Permanent [Inspiring Story]

In life many people are living in abject poverty while others are living in luxury. Some wonder why they are living in such pain, misery and sorrow while others are living in joy, glory and happiness. It doesn’t matter what you are facing now, what matters is what tomorrow will bring, no condition is permanent. If you find yourself in a situation of pain, anguish and suffering, don’t blame yourself or anybody.

Just have faith that your sunshine is coming and nobody knows what tomorrow will bring because tomorrow is pregnant. A phase of life is not strong enough to judge personality. No matter the condition you find yourself never give up in life. Life is very precious and as long as there is life there is hope. I have seen pain, suffering, anguish and sorrow. I have tested poverty, real poverty, I have endured enough suffering and with determination and a hope of a better tomorrow I knew no condition is permanent.

We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. I have foreseen real suffering in life and I am going to share my story with you. My personal experience have kept me moving forward and progressing in life.

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Life is divided into phases or seasons, each phase or season is never permanent. As one leaves a phase, one enters another phase and on and on like that. In a man’s life, there are battle phases and victory phases. There are struggle phases and resting phases etc. Thus, for the fact that no phase is permanent, it is wrong and unfair to judge yourself or be judged by another person based on a particular phase.

My life was really shattered and I was seriously living in pain. I hope my story will inspire you and make you believe that there is no condition that is permanent in life. Every condition one find himself dies off in a matter of time; today you might be sad tomorrow you might be happy. You just have to take life the way you see it and never look back on your past. In this post I am going to narrate my story, my personal experience about life and this experience taught me that no matter the predicament we face in life, no condition is permanent.

Here goes my story; my name is Austine Nonso Ilodinibe, I am from Orsumoghu in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria, but grew up in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. It was university education that brought me to Enugu State for the first time; I had never being in that city before. It was March 15th 2009 and I newly got admitted into Enugu State University of Science and Technology to study Mass Communication, it was my first time of being in that city so I barely know anybody.

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I was a novice and a newbie, I had to register my course, pay my school fees and search for accommodation. After paying my school fees and registering my course, I went to the hostel in search for accommodation, but unfortunately all the rooms are occupied and so I was left with no other choice than to go out of campus in search for an accommodation.

In the process of strolling around the city in search for an accommodation, I saw a sign post on a wall that states “Room for Rent” I quickly copied the number and called the contact in the sign post and a voice directed me to meet with him in his office, he gave me his address and I rush immediately to see him, after discussing about the room, he gave me a form to fill and collected me #1000 for registration form.

After that, he took me to the house and showed me the room and told me that the room goes for #90,000 for a year house rent and advised me to pay half of the money to him now, which he intends to give to the landlord and I should pay the balance directly to the landlord tomorrow. He advised me to do so otherwise someone else might collect the room and I will be left with none.

I was desperately in need of a room and it was getting really dark and I had no friend to squat with. I needed somewhere I can lay my head on and doesn’t want to be stranded in Enugu. So I had no other choice but to give him the money after paying him the money (#45,000), he gave me the key to the room, but I made a very big mistake, I forgot to collect receipt from him or sign an agreement form with him.

I went into the room with my luggage and slept in the room till the next day. Eventually the landlord came and demanded to know who gave me the key to the room when I have not paid for the rent and I told him it was the agent working for him and that I have already paid him half of the rent. He called the agent immediately and to my greatest surprise, this man denied ever collecting any money from me apart from the #1000 registration form which he collected from me.

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He denied me in front of the landlord. He insisted that what he collected from me was just the #1000 registration fee and nothing else. He even asked me to provide proof that I actually gave him such amount of money, he meant proof like receipt or an agreement book, which I don’t have, because I never remember to ask him for receipt or urged him to sign an agreement book to show as proof that I actually gave him the money.

He lied to the landlord that he only gave me the key to sleep over because he discovered that I just arrived the city newly and it is getting really dark and I can’t go back to Calabar, so he offered to help me pass the night in the room. I was speechless because everything happened so fast I couldn’t speak, I was really surprise and shock at how wicked these world could be.

The landlord refuses to collect the #45,000 from me and insist I must complete it to #90,000 before he can issue me a receipt, I beg and beg but he refused and ask me to vacate the room before sunset. I had no choice but to vacate the room. I had no evidence to fight that agent who defrauded me and took away my money. I only prayed and ask God to take revenge for me.

I left the place with my luggages and started wandering about in the city of Enugu; I had no friend and nobody to squat with. I decided to relax in a bar and take chilled coke to sooth my high temperature. Then the woman who owns the bar noticed my discomfort and inquires to know what my problem was.

I narrated my story to her and she felt pity for me, she gave me her kitchen which she used as her packing store and ask me if I could manage there and pay her only #500 monthly. I agreed, thanked her very much and started working on the kitchen, I cemented the floor, plastered the wall, roofed the ceiling, wired the room and painted the room. Then I bought carpet, cooking stuffs, buckets and other things I needed. I never bought mattress (bed) and fan because it could not enter the room, so I slept on the carpet for two years without ventilation.

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I lived in that room for two years with so many heat and many people laughed at me and called me a rat, cockroach and insect that lives in a hole. I never had visitor for two years and managed my life. Even in the campus, many of my friends both male and female wanted to know where I live so that they can pay me a visit but I never told them where I was living. I lived in this hole for complete two years privately, not ready to let myself be mocked in campus by my fellow classmate, only my neighbors at home practically knows what I was really passing through.

My parent where really poor and finds it very hard to send me money. The worst happened to me in January, 2010. My mother felt really sick and my father had to spend all his money for her hospital expenses. He was left with nothing to send to me. It was really an unforgettable experience for me, I called him to send me money but he told me sincerely that they was no money left with him, I had to swallow my saliva. I stayed hungry for days and really feel my world was coming to an end. I faced the highest torture and suffering in life during my university days. Sometimes I go to friends place to eat, but must I be eating in my friends place all the time?

This experience really shaped me, and developed me personally. I started reading inspirational books and watching motivational videos and I got a lot of strength from those inspirational videos I watched. I started tutoring/lecturing my fellow students. That was in my second year in second semester in the university. I taught Mass Communication first year students French in tutorial classes and there paid me #50 each per student.

As I progress in the tutorial, the number of students I have increases, suddenly the whole hall was filled with students. In The tutoring class I earn more than #7000 in a day, I became very popular in the department. People started treating me with respect. In a month I was able to raise up to #120,000 and I used part of the money to buy my first laptop which I am using currently for blogging.

After making that money, I was really happy and I had to pack out from the hole I was leaving in for two solid years to a self-contain room that is very large. I bought television, fan, home theater, mattress, chairs, etc. And decorated my room very well. I started buying good clothes and started appearing like a big guy in campus. Many girls were all over me, trying to befriend me so that I can assist them in exam because I was highly intelligent. I became a public figure in the department of Mass Communication Enugu State University of Science and Technology. I bought my first laptop, bought Android phone and was really enjoying my life.

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Those people laughing at me where really surprise at my success and transformation. In just a matter of some few months, I proof to them that no condition is permanent in life. That agent that defrauded me, later had issues with his landlord and was chased out from where he was living and that same woman that helped me gave him my room. Luckily for him I have already done all the ground work on the room for him.

I never knew he was living in my former room until I came to visit the woman that helped me with the room, when I went to see how the room was, to my greatest surprise, I saw him (the agent that defrauded me) sitting at the corridor of the room and shaving his bears, when I inquired from the woman what he was doing there, she practically told me, that he is her new tenant in the room. I was really surprise to see him in such a pity situation. I told the compound people that he was the man that duped me and from that day onward he lost his respect as an elderly person and people treated him like a fool.

In life never look down on anybody; you never know what tomorrow might bring. That person who is poor today might be rich tomorrow and that person that is rich today might be poor tomorrow. Let us always know that no condition is permanent. Every condition in life is temporary and as we advance in life we will surely experience suffering before we can achieve genuine success and wealth. That is the fact about life and that is how it goes. Never neglect your potential simply because you find yourself in a very bad situation, always remember that no condition is permanent in life.

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The pleasure, joy and love that come from a life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up. If you give up when it is winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer and the fulfillment of your fall. Never let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest. Do not judge your life, performance, ministry by one different season only. Things are bound to change.

You are destined for greatness and your bad situation in life can never deprive you from achieving that greatness, you just have to stay strong, determined, motivated and believe that you got the power to become great in life. I strongly believe this article have really inspired you.

Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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