There Is No Short Cut To Success [An Inspiring Story]


As the search for quality contents that will change people’s life continues, Austine Media took out time to look at the various experiences encountered by people in their quest to become financially successful in life by all means. Many after achieving great success later lost everything there have acquired in the hands of fraudsters or arm robbers and for that reason felt their life has become meaningless. I am here to address that issue and provide solutions that will unravel the mysteries.

According to Greek philosopher, Aristotle; “All Men major goal in life is to achieve financial success and happiness”. But to be sincere with you, depression, frustration, over thinking and too much stress can cause a severe sickness such as cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or even chronic disease that can lead to death.

So to free you from such turmoil, I have decided to research more on the possible causes of failure in life by most people. Why do people fail to become successful in life? Through personal experience, many people have encountered a lot of failure simply because they were not patience with themselves or their businesses; they desperately tend to take the short cut to get rich quicker but at the end become disappointed, frustrated and humiliated. They become failures had to start life from the scratch. Those who are strong enough are able to push through with life, but the lazy ones tend to give up in life and decides to commit suicide not knowing that life is more precious than gold. Ones there is life there is hope and your dreams can still be actualized when you plan for it and work hard for it.

This experience will widen your horizon, expose you more to life and enable you cope with any difficulty or situations you find yourself in. There say experience is the best teacher in life. When you experience something in life you learn from that experience and that experience will make you to be a better person in life, it will shape your thoughts, imaginations and make you become a better person you ought to be.

Many people major goal in life is to become successful, no man wishes to be poor, because poverty does a lot of damage to our life, our ego and our pride. It deprives us from acquiring genuine respect from others; it deprives us from recognitions and also deprives us from so many things and makes us humble even to our junior ones. Poverty leads to sin; it deprives us our freedom of speech and association. And it also deprives us from enjoying the beautiful creature God has kept for us to enjoy on this earth.

For these negative reasons, everybody whether young or old wish to be successful, to be recognized in the society and be treated with respect, recognition and dignity. Many people fail to become successful in life not because there are incapable of achieving genuine success but because their fail to plan and are too desperate in achieving success and in the process of their desperation, their make a huge mistake that prove very difficult to be corrected.

In this post I am going to narrate a life experience of a young man about 28 years old presently, who lost everything he has earned all his years of struggle just because he was too desperate to achieve more success and become financially free.

He failed to actualize his dreams because he never had time to plan for his future and this mistake has hunted him for many years until he nearly committed suicide. For him, he believes that he has no reason to live any more, since he had an opportunity to change his life and that of his family but he threw that chance away.

He tried to commit suicide countless number of times but was caught and stopped by his family members. He was in a psychological state, he was depressed, frustrated, humiliated, lost and wasn’t ready to recover. His poor parents could not do anything to revive him from such situations and so sought after a professional psychologist that will understand him and help him recover from emotional depression and trauma.

There tried but could not get a decent psychologist to do that, because all the ones their met were over demanding for too much money and this poor couple could not afford it.

It was during was scout for credible and reliable interview on personal experience encountered by people. I needed a reliable content to publish on my blog, a rich and reliable content that will interest my readers and expose them more to life.

When I met this couples, their told me about their son, a cheerful handsome Youngman who has now turned to a highly depressed, emotional and heartbroken young man, who has decided never to let go of his past experience.

The couples pleaded with me to help their son get back to normal and free him from emotional bondage. I was really nervous, but I gathered courage and went to speak with him man to man. He was 28 while I was 24 and since he is my elder I believed within me that he will listen to me and share his inner most feelings with me.

I approached him in his room, sat down beside him and greeted him good morning!! He turned and saw the most pleasant smile from my face and responded; “good morning, what can I do for you? And I responded: I am a blogger and I specialize on personal development, I help people to recover from emotional depression. Right now I have come to share my personal experience with you.

He kept quiet and listened, then I told him about my humble beginning, my personal experience, ranging from my love life, difficult situations, desperations to make money and how I was duped by fraudsters and lost everything I have worked hard for. But I wasn’t able to give up in life, I had to develop my personal worth, re-shape myself, learnt from my mistake and took another direction and today I am successful. I defeated failure and today I am a conqueror.

He looked at me after hearing my long and stimulating story, smiled and then said; “Young man, I don’t know you in person, but hearing your story has healed my wounded heart and I am ready to give life a second chance and follow your procedure and see if my case will turn to testimony in future just like yours.

But before that, let me share my story with you, what made me the way I am today and what made me to almost commit suicide three times until I was caught and rescued by my siblings.

My name is Joseph Inaku and I am from Edo State. I was once a cheerful and excited guy until I lost everything I had. I am not a graduate, because my parents never had money to send me to school. I am from a poor and lonely family background, we are so poor to the extent that sometime we had no food to eat in a whole day and so we had to starve ourselves for a whole day until the next day when my father is able to borrow money for us to feed on. My father was a petty trader, while my mother was a house wife. We live at the most remote area in Ajegunle, Lagos. A ghetto where mostly street touts and beggars live in.

I never had a good beginning and I have never eaten nice food all through my life. I cried and pleaded with God to change my family situations, then I learnt that crying is never a remedy to problems, even the bible said that “heaven help those who help themselves”. So I quit my education, because back then I was still in SS2 in college. I had to quit school went into hawking to make a living for myself and my family. I sold all kinds of products ranging from gala, yoghurt, bread, bottle water, etc. submitted capital to the company and keeps the profit for my family up keeps and welfare.

I did that for three years and yet my family was still poor, then one day a wealthy man called me and I went to him, after selling yoghurt to him he told me that he needed a servant to assist him in his shop. He needed someone that can serve him for some years and after which he will settle the person with reasonable capital to start his own business. I agreed because I needed to change my family situation no matter what.

I worked for him tirelessly for six years and never stole from him. He was really proud of me and at the end of the sixth year he settled me with one million, five hundred thousand naira (N1.5 million), that is $7000 in foreign exchange and advised me to trade carefully with it as he will not be held liable if anything happen to the money or my business.

He gave me the money and encouraged me to trade carefully with it. The money was too much to my own imagination that I became really excited with it. Many business ideas came into my mind, I was still thinking about the kind of business to go into.

One day a friend of mine told me about his friend who left for Malaysia two years ago with nothing and today he is a millionaire and encouraged me to do the same. He further stated that he sends money to his family on a daily basis and not too long he finished a three storey duplex for his family. He gave me the guy’s contact if incase I eventually gets to Malaysia that I should call him and he will assist me settle down.

I thought about what he said and concluded I was going to give his advice a try. So I went to the embassy and purchased a Malaysia visa with half of the money in my possession. And used the remaining money for my travelling documents, international passport, clothes, toiletries, luggage’s and miscellaneous. And put the remaining money inside my briefcase, which I promised to convert when I eventually get to Malaysia. I was attended by a young guy and after all necessary documentation, he advised me to come back in a week time for my visa.

I came back to the embassy a week later as advised, collected my visa and booked my flight to Malaysia the next day. So the next day I took my entire luggage’s and headed straight to Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. It was my first time of travelling outside the country so I really felt enthusiastic. But something happen in the process that changed my life automatically.

The flight attendants demanded to check our visa for clarification and verification purpose. Their checked others peoples own and gave them seat number. When their eventually gets to my turn, the flight attendant looked at my visa and shock her head. She asked me; where did you get this visa from? And I answered; in the embassy!! She looked at my visa again and said; young man your visa is fake!! There is no official stamp and everything in this visa is forged, I advice you leave this place before I call the security!!

I was shocked, unable to move my feet, I was psychologically unstable. I lost my dreams and vision of traveling out. I wasn’t myself until some men bundled me and threw me out and also threw my luggage’s on me, I became emotionally demoralized, I became unconscious and when I woke up after six hours, before I discovered my luggage’s was nowhere to be found. I asked the young man that revived me till I woke up, if he saw my luggages and he said no.

I lost my visa, my luggages and the only money left with me, I had no proof to present to the embassy concerning the fake visa there issued me. I lost everything and had no single money with me to go back home. I was speechless and since then till date I have never recovered from the shock. I thought I have lost everything; I nearly killed myself three times because I had no other reason to live. But after hearing your story today I felt relieved that my situation will not last forever, I felt I should give myself a second chance and I believe my life will turn out to be good.

I saw the seriousness in him and knew he was determining to give his life a second chance. You may be in this kind of situation and feel there is no hope, I tell you sincerely that there is hope for you; there is no situation in life that doesn’t require a second chance. You have to develop yourself personally, give yourself a second chance to recover from your emotional depression.

Never give up in life, you have the power to make things right for yourself, you can do wonders if you believe in your worth. Always believe in yourself, have positive mindset, do all you need to do and wait patiently for God’s time because God’s time is the best. You will definitely achieve genuine success when you work hard for it. Success doesn’t come so fast, it takes time for you to achieve genuine success, so give yourself time, dream big and set up goals you wish to achieve.

Draw your plan on how you want to achieve it and finally take action. I promise you in due time you will become highly successful in life. I hope this post have inspired you a lot and I hope you will adapt and use what you have learnt so far in your day to day activities. God bless you.

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