Nobody Told Me I Would Become A Prostitute – Nigerian Lady Shares Her Horrible Experience In Mali

A lot of people have fallen victim to human trafficking after being deceived that there are lucrative jobs awaiting them abroad. This was the story of a young lady identified as Omolara Abioye, who was trafficked to Mali for prostitution. Omolara Abioye was told that she would be travelling to Malaysia for a lucrative job, but the story turned out to be a lie.

A Nigerian lady identified as Omolara Abioye has narrated her heart-breaking experience when she was trafficked to Mali. A trafficker had deceived the young lady and her parents into believing they had a lucrative business for her in Malaysia, but she ended up in Mali, via road. She was, however, told that she would be engaged in prostitution.

Omolara said she and other ladies were made to swear an oath that they would pay back all the funds that were spent on their trip. The young lady was tricked into travelling to Mali for prostitution. She escaped prostitution as she was helped by the Malian who ensured that the Nigerian embassy in Mali was contacted on her behalf. According to Omolara, many ladies died of HIV while many were raped. She said she thought she was going to die but she was happy when she escaped.

In similar news, a Nigerian woman identified as Justin Enofe advised people to desist from travelling to Europe through an illegal route. Speaking with Legit TV, Justin said she decided to embark on the journey to Libya for the purpose of migrating to Europe after losing her husband. According to the mother-of-two, life became a living hell for her when she lost her husband and she saw someone who would later help her leave the shores of the country called Nigeria.

She said most people are deceived into travelling to Europe through Libya with the promise that it is very safe for them and that they would arrive within two weeks.


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