Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Alleges that Police Planned to Arrest her

Famous Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has raised an alarm over a purported plan by the police to invade her home in Abuja to arrest her. Although she didn’t reveal who was behind the plot of an arrest on her. The Nollywood diva who is currently a mother threatened that she would rather die than allow any negative thing happen to her precious son.

Tonto Dikeh disclosed this information on her Instagram page after she discovered that some unscrupulous elements are trying to arrest her.

According to her post on Instagram:

“I guess I am now a criminal. My stomach oh and they are even coming with Press to record my arrest’ she wrote.

“If the hair on my son’s body is touched, oga police you will have to bury me, you will have to kill me. Haaa, Oga police there is no fear bone in my system.

“I am a mother and nothing in this life can intimidate me. Oga police if you need me you have my number. Like I said going to my home if anything happens to my son, Please have a spare of whatever you did to him to do to me once I land Abuja.” She said.

The Nollywood actress disclosed this information on her Instagram page and warns that the police should not harm her son.

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