Northern Women Leads Protest Asking FG To Conduct Referendum For Biafra

Northern women are now agitating for the liberation of Biafra. A picture of protest by the Northern women protesting for the liberation of the South Eastern Nigeria has surfaced online. Unfortunately, according to the investigations conducted and details gathered by our investigative journalist revealed that the northern women who claimed they are protesting and supporting the liberation of Biafra was not genuine and that they are hidden agenda behind the protest.

They were fronted to be used as sabotage against the state of Biafra in the sight of international Communities. The Ohanaeze Ndigbo has regarded their action as “medicine after death”.

Reactions from social media on the post read; “Don’t trust them, there must be a motive behind this protest”. Another comment also read; “The game plan of the sponsors of this protest is to paint Igbos in bad light before the international community, so that they will be no longer external support for Biafrans if incase civil war 2 breaks out.”

This is really surprising and at same time questionable, for northern women to come out in their masses to protest and seek for the release of Biafra.

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