Not All That Glitters Are Gold [Inspiring Story]

not all that glitters are goldIn this post I am going to look mainly at the problem that has eaten deep into the minds and lives of many youth especially female youth today, there tend to focus their mind on the outside world and not on the inside. There believe in things there see with their naked eyes and tends to disregard things on the inside. Many youth fall into a trap because there wanted to get rich quick and then focus their mind on what their can see with their naked eyes and not on what their heart sees.

Many young ladies has experience pain and sorrows in their marriages because there married the wrong man, they were tempted by his money, wealth, car, house, sweet talk and romance. They never study the man to know if he is really the person there wish to marry. There never thought of his personality, if he is decent, has good character and behavior, modest and God fearing. There never look at those qualities, what they are interested in is money, does that guy has money?

Many parents also contribute to this menace, they want their daughter to marry a rich guy by all means, not even minding the source of the guy’s wealth, they never thought to investigate if the wealthy guy they want to marry their daughter is into money ritual, arm robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, human trafficking, fraudster (419), etc. There never thought about that and when their daughter eventually marry such men and start suffering in their marriage , there will be the one blaming the innocent lady that she can’t even control or  take care of her home.

This menace has eaten so deep on people’s life that is why I have decided to talk about it today and this post is addressed to everyone, especially those who wants to live happily and be free from any pain or sorrows in life.

Talking of relationship, nowadays many girls are running after men that have money, there forget that not all that glitters are gold. A man may look very handsome, rich, influential and famous, then you start running after him thinking he possess all the qualities you need in a man. Likewise for men, many guys are running after girls that are beautiful, rich and dress sexy, there forget that not all that glitters are gold. Most of the youths are all in these category and there tend to forget that when their love because of money and beauty, they should also not forget to know that money finishes and beauty do fade away.

Many girls today doesn’t love out of their heart, there love out of their sight, that is why a girl can love a guy today, then tomorrow she will fall in love with another guy. The simply techniques there is that, the former lover was no more caring and does not send her gift like before, she then decide to go for another guy whom she believe is more richer than her former boyfriend. The same thing is applicable to guys, there tend to have interest on girls that are very beautiful not even minding to look at her character, they will date her for some time and when there see another girl more beautiful than their girl friend, there will dumb the girl and move on with the other beautiful one. This is not love and this is not relationship. For me I think this is just a game of infatuation, and this is the major causes of divorce in marriages, emotional heartbreaks, and sorrowful marriages and relationships.

I have done a lot of research and discovered that this practice is happening especially in Nigeria and many people have failed to notice it. On a daily basis there is always a case of divorce fill before the court and many people have not look at the root cause of the divorce. They just tend to look at the secondary cause which is irrelevant; there forget to look at the primary cause of the problem. There forget that the major thing in marriage is love, and when couples marry themselves out of beauty and money, the love is not there, they just married out of infatuation, it is during the marriage that they will realize that they were not meant for each other, by then the lady’s beauty must have faded away while the guys money must have finished.


It also beat my imagination when I see many girls going into prostitution and stripping before men because of money; they forget that their dignity is very precious and should be respected. There tend to open their laps wide for all men just because of money and I sincerely pity the men that will marry them in future.

Many of these girls will prostitute and contract different kind of disease, when there get tired of prostitution, there will change location and fake to be born again, then an innocent man will see them, fall in love with them and marry them, before you will know it the man will be suffering of barrenness, the wife cannot give birth to a child simply because she has done several abortions in the pasts which has damage her womb and the most grievous part of it is that she will keep it as secret from her husband. She will hide her past life from her husband, afraid that she might lose him if she eventually confesses her sin before him while the innocent man will be suffering in ignorant. Some of these men because of the kind of love there have for their wife will decide not to take a second wife and before you know it, they will get old and older until their riches menopause (unable to pregnant a woman). Then they will not have a linage that will carry on the family name and that is how their name will go down in history. Some of them when they get to this level of frustration they will have no other choice but to commit suicide.

It is always good to date and marry someone you love, not because he has money, not because she is very beautiful, but because you love him or her and feel inside your heart that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Don’t marry because of money and riches, let love be the most important thing you should consider before getting married. Many who focus their minds on the riches and beauty of the world, forgetting the natural thing in life tends to suffer the consequences in future. When you marry because this guy is rich or because this girl is beautiful, please don’t forget that all those things doesn’t last forever. Beauty fades away and money drains like water. Focus on building a relationship and marriage that the foundation is focus on love and caring. That is the only way you can build a happy family.

Talking about girls that go for money, riches, beauty, things that glitters such as cars, houses, clothes, shoes, jewelries, etc and never have patience with poor guys. I have a story about a girl that fall in this category and I believe her personal experience will change your mind set and make you believe with me that not all that glitters are gold.

Here goes the story of a girl I came across she was heavy with pregnancy but her life is already shattered. Here goes her story;

“My name is Rebecca Moses, I am 24 years old and I am from Benue State in the north south part of Nigeria. I never knew that my life will turn out to be miserable like this and if I knew I would have turn a new leave long time ago. In my first year in the university I met a guy very cool and handsome, though he is not that too handsome but he is cool and easy going, he has the character that must girls will die to date him, but he is poor. I met him in my first year in the university and we fell in love with each other, I don’t know if I should call it love or infatuation. But I think of him every day and never go off a day without calling him on phone or seeing him in person. We dated for about two years and had our greatest fun together. I never believe I could live him, he is very decent and of modest character. He never violates me or even takes advantage of me. Even when I told him that we cannot have sex until we get married he even agreed with me, I knew if I tell that to other guys they will dump me immediately. This guy never complains and always followed by my rules.

I finally dumped him when I met a wealthy guy, I dumped him without any complaint or excuse and till date I regret ever destroying my relationship with that cool guy. I was tempted by money, beauty, infatuation riches and gold. I forget to realize that not all that glitters are gold. All this happened to me because I was only interested in money not on true love and that is how I lost my real love and soul mate and made my life miserable.

One day I came across a very handsome rich guy, I saw him as I was coming out from the supermarket and the sight of him took me unaware. I couldn’t help myself but to stare at him, he was more than handsome, dressed very stylish and fashionable on expensive clothes and driving the latest model of Ranch Rover Sports. I can’t control my feelings but to start wishing if this guy will be mine. Luckily, just as I was thinking about him, he walk up to me and asked me out, honestly I couldn’t refuse him, I accepted him and we started dating immediately.

He bought expensive clothes, jewelries, shoes, accessories, phone etc for me and I was living happily thinking that all this will last forever. I forget that not all that glitters are gold. One day he invited me to his house and he tried to have sex with me and I refused telling him that I can only surrender my body to him after our marriage. He got angry with me and said if that is the case I should calculate all he has spent on me and refund it back to him with a day. I was surprise because I cannot even afford what he has spent on me even if I work for one year. I was humiliated and out of the humiliation I gave it to him, he disvirgined me that day.

After that, two weeks later I discovered I was pregnant for him, I confronted him and told him about the pregnancy and he denied it and even called me a cheap girl that I only wanted his riches that is why I thought I can get myself pregnant from some poor local guys and then want him to claim responsibility for the baby. He pushed me out of his house and shut me out of his life. He practically refused to pick all my calls and gave order that he doesn’t want to see me.

Two weeks later I saw him and ran to him, but to my greatest surprise he was with another beautiful girl, when he saw me coming he stated kissing an caressing the girl in my present just to make me feel jealous. I couldn’t bear the humiliation any more, then I left him and decided to take life the way I saw it. At first I wanted to commit abortion, but when I discovered how risky it was, I then decided to keep the pregnancy and give birth to the baby. I knew that I made a very big mistake and I am ready to pay the supreme sacrifice for it and also make amendment for it. I pray that a guy will find me worthy and marry me even with this baby I am carrying in my womb. I encourage you girls never to love a guy because of his money, riches, handsome, rather love him for who he is and not what he is and also know it from today that not all that glitters are gold”.

I felt sorry for her story and knew that many girls will learn from her mistake and discipline themselves so that they can’t fall into the kind of trap this young lady fell into because of money, riches and beauty of the world.

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