Ohanaeze Ndigbo Declares Simon Ekpa Wanted – Places $500,000 Bounty On Him

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has declared Simon Ekpa wanted and places a $500,000 bounty on him. The vow to arrest Simon Ekpa, a Finland-based Biafra agitator allegedly responsible for the recent surge in violence, insecurity, and economic disruptions in South Eastern region of Nigeria. Ohanaeze Ndigbo called on South East people to defeat Simon Ekpa’s activities and prevent further Sit-at-home disruptions by ignoring his antics.

The group in a press statement issued yesterday by Mazi Okechuwu Isiguzoro, Secretary General of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide stated that it has taken decisive action in the pursuit of Simon Ekpa, a Finland-based Biafra agitator responsible for the recent surge in violence, insecurity, and economic disruptions in Southeast Nigeria.

According to the statement which reads; “Simon Ekpa sit-at-home orders have resulted in significant loss of lives and have severely crippled the economic and social activities in the Southeast. In response to Simon Ekpa actions, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has placed a substantial bounty of $500,000 on Simon Ekpa’s head. The reward is offered to anyone who can provide useful information leading to Simon Ekpa’s capture and subsequent arrest. Ohanaeze Ndigbo in collaboration with Southeast political leaders is resolute in bringing Simon Ekpa to justice for his atrocities and alleged sponsorship of armed groups in the region”.

“Recent developments indicate that Simon Ekpa was tracked down in the Espoo city of Finland on 21st July 2023, but managed to evade capture with unbearable and severe injuries. He is presently believed to be receiving medical treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Havana, Cuba. It has come to our attention that Simon Ekpa is undergoing urgent plastic surgery in the last 48hours, which further emphasizes the need for his swift apprehension.

Nevertheless, Simon Ekpa allies have been releasing old recorded videos in order to continue to hoodwink his followers, conceal his recent ordeals and near capture, but Igbo mercenaries in diaspora are closing on him”.

“In response to the imminent threats posed by Simon Ekpa, the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the Biafra Government in Exile, Ohanaeze Ndigbo implores the people of Southeast Nigeria to rise up and put an end to his nefarious and infamous activities.

Simon Ekpa is responsible for the recent surge in violence and insecurity in the Southeast. He has declared another two weeks of Sit-at-Home from 31st July to 14th August 2023, undermining the authority of Southeast Governors who are constitutionally mandated to protect the lives and properties of citizens of the Southeast “.

“The consequences of another prolonged Sit-at-Home order orchestrated by a non-state actor like Simon Ekpa are grave. It not only disrupts economic and social activities but also threatens the stability and peace of the Southeast region. Ohanaeze Ndigbo urges the people of Southeast Nigeria to unite and confront these security challenges head-on. The actions of Simon Ekpa and his gunmen undermine the efforts of the regional authorities to maintain law and order.

“Furthermore, Simon Ekpa’s self-proclaimed role as the Prime Minister of the Biafra Government in Exile and his declaration of a Biafra referendum are deeply concerning. Such actions have the potential to ignite civil unrest and chaos in Southeast Nigeria. The scars of the Biafra-Nigeria civil war, which resulted in the loss of approximately two million lives, predominantly innocent children and women, are still fresh in the memory of the Igbo people. It is crucial that history does not repeat itself.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo, together with Southeast political leaders, remains resolute in capturing Simon Ekpa and bringing him to justice. The ongoing search for Simon Ekpa is a preventive measure aimed at averting the upcoming Sit-At-Home disruptions. The people of Southeast Nigeria hold the power to protect their communities and safeguard their future. It is time to stand united and defeat the insecurity challenges that threaten the region”.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo calls on every Igbo person to play an active role in preventing further violence and disruptions. We urge individuals to provide any information that could lead to the capture of Simon Ekpa and bring an end to his dangerous activities. Together, we can ensure the peace, security, and progress of Southeast Nigeria,” the statement concluded.

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