Ojia Entertainment Empire Biography

Ojia Entertainment Empire is a Nigerian record label founded in April 2020 by Nduka Patrick Chinedu popularly known As Mr. Great. Nduka Patrick Chinedu better known as Mr Great is a Nigerian Ojia Entertainment Empire Executive Producer, Multi-talented singer and songwriter. He was born on the 29th of May 1987 and Hails from Abia State in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Ojia Entertainment Empire is a record label focuses on investing in music and talented Musicians. We believe in collaborative and innovative environment where our artists can strive and reach out their maximum potential in a stress free atmosphere.

Since its inception, Ojia Entertainment Empire has remained a trailblazer in terms of experience, innovation and operations in the Nigerian entertainment Industry. We continuously identify with creativity that tells, showcase the richness and diversity of the West African culture and story.

Ojia Entertainment Empire is vibrant at the forefront of the push to promote innovation, we consistently support opportunities to promote creativity in vibrant creative industries. Our vision is define by one word, one team to achieve one goal and one great music.

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