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degreeThose interested in a bachelor’s degree will appreciate our top online colleges list which highlights 2 best value schools, as well as our list of accredited online bachelor’s degrees programs in this institution. Prospective students will find vital information about their desired field and other popular areas of study, including the number of online schools, number of online programs, salary information and more.

Students interested in pursuing an online bachelor’s degree will find high-quality academics matched with low tuitions at these 2 schools. With programs ranging from music to law, tuitions under $12,000 and academic strength scores above 55%, the two colleges on this list are very strong choices for those pursuing degrees at the bachelor’s level. There is also more detailed information available about the two schools ranked on this year’s top online colleges list.

The 2 schools on this list offer online bachelor’s degrees with affordable annual tuitions and academically rigorous settings. With an academic strength score of 62%, Fort Hays State University takes the top spot and offers prospective students the choice between 29 bachelor’s degrees. In fact, all schools on this list offer at least 10 bachelor’s degrees and an annual tuition below $12,000. Students will find a variety of quality degrees in everything from business to engineering at these best value colleges.

So below are the two value universities in the world that offers online bachelor degree programs:

Number 1

Fort Hays State University

The Virtual College through Fort Hays State University is an excellent option for distance learners. With an average annual tuition of $6,217 and almost 30 undergraduate degrees to select from, students will find they can pursue their academic and career goals in a flexible and affordable way. Bachelor’s degree options range from political science to marketing, and include newer offerings such as accounting and computer science. A further option is to pursue a Bachelor of General Studies degree, which allows students to tailor the specific content of their education to their academic and professional goals rather than selecting an established major. Students who opt for the general studies program work alongside a BGS advisor to create the strongest program trajectory. This option is also ideal for military personnel, or those who are looking to transfer credits from an associate degree program or two-year school.

The school offers the following Online Bachelor’s Degrees:

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in sociology

Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business & Economy

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information System

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, etc.


Number 2

Lamar University

Lamar University offers extra flexibility to students seeking online bachelor’s degrees by including multiple start dates throughout the year, either in an eight-week accelerated program or a standard 15-week program. Degrees range from sociology to industrial engineering. Lamar University’s online department also hosts The Center for Military Services, which provides special programming and resources for active military personnel as well as veterans. Although in 2015 Lamar University instated a distance-learning fee per semester credit hour, the institution remains a highly affordable option, with an annual tuition of approximately $6,240.

The school offers the following Online Bachelor’s Degrees:

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sociology

Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Administration in Management

Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor of Science in Communication

Bachelor of Science in Computer

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, etc.

So therefore, these are the two best university in the world that offer the best online bachelor degree programs. If you have you own suggestion or feel that some university you think is best was omitted from this list, please state the university on the comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe for email updates for more quality contents.


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