Our Aging Process And Lifestyle Of A Person

The aging process is affected by our lifestyle. The lifestyle does include the dietary habits of a person and the activity level. Person leading an active life can enjoy better health and can slow down the entropy of a person. You can use the age calculator to find  how old you are and what your relative activity level is. You need to adjust the activity level according to diet and age. It is easy to figure out what your daily calorie requirements are according to the activity level. For example if  a person is lending a sedentary lifestyle. Then you need to adjust your diet relative to your age and activity level. You need to calculate age and find what is your relative diet and activity level.  

In this article, discussing what should be your activity level and lifestyle relative to your age.

The lifestyle and your age:

An active lifestyle is essential for keeping yourself healthy and smart.When you are using the age in months calculator and able to find your calorie requirements. Then it is possible to control the cholesterol level, a person having less quantity of the LDL(Low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Then it can enjoy better vitality and quality of life.There are certain range of the cholesterol relative to age, for example if one is curious how old am i, and what is relative LDL(Low density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

Diet and age of person:

Our diet has a direct connection to our age and lifestyle. For example if a person loves to eat fast and fatty food, then it is impossible to keep yourself fit in older age. You may suffer from the stigma of obesity and gain extra weight. You can say obesity is one of the major problems of our era, even teenagers are affected by it. You need to use the age calculator to adjust your diet relative to your age. It is better to eat more vitamins and minerals instead of eating the fat enriched food.Experts say the fruit and vegetables are a better alternative to keep yourself younger for a longer period of time.

Sleeping pattern:

You may be amazed to learn your sleeping pattern also affects the aging process. People having irregular sleeping patterns usually look older than their actual age. You may be curious how to calculate your age using the age calculator. You only need to enter your date of the birth in the online tools and find your age. People having irregular patterns like sleeping late at night may face the problem of a speedy aging process.


Our lifestyle has a direct link with our aging process, people having better lifestyles can control their body weight. This actually slows down the aging process or the entropy of the body tissues.It is better to adjust your diet to your activity level and age, eating too much does not guarantee a better health of a person. It is quite essential to be proactive in the daily activities for leading a healthy life.

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