How To Overcome Depression In Life

Many people are facing a lot of problems ranging from mental depression, emotional depression, etc. In this post we are going to look at the concept called depression and look at it critically and proffer solutions that will help you to overcome them in real life. However, they are lots of articles on the internet about overcoming depression, but in this article, I am going to provide a unique means of overcoming depression in life.

Through my personal research, many think overcoming depression is just about changing your thinking, changing your mood, changing your life, etc. But for me I think that overcoming depression is not something you do in the blink of an eye, and this writes up is going to tell you how you can simply overcome depression in just a few minutes of reading through this post.

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Overcoming depression takes time, study, planning and strategies. And this strategy which happens to be the best method of overcoming depression is what I will be talking about on this post. Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects millions of people every year. Sadly, many people who suffer from depression never seek treatment for they fear about what others may think of them or not having the courage to face change on their own.

Before we proceed, let’s ask ourselves this question; what is depression? Have it in mind that depression is not just the occasional feelings of sadness that we all experience from time to time. Now let me define depression. Depression is a persistent feeling of overwhelming sadness for at least 2 weeks and usually much longer. It is also the inability to take pleasure in almost any of life’s activities, and feeling run down or lacking the normal energy you had before depression set in.

Many people who experience depression have noticed that the physical symptom of depression is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. They think things will never ever going to get better for them and so they feel irritated with life all the time. They think and talk negative and feel lonely all the time. Now to overcome depression we are going to look at some key points that will help us to overcome depression in life, no matter how long we have being through it.

A great writer and author of “Depression is Contagious” Dr. Michael Yapko persuasively argue that the cornerstone of the majority of people’s depression today is about relationships. He said that the major cause of depression is the lack of healthy, good and close relationships in our lives. According to him, if we have many close healthy relationships in our lives, then it will be very hard for us to be depressed.

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Establishing healthy relationship is the key that will help us to overcome depression in life. When we are depressed, we may specifically isolate ourselves from our existing and new relationships. However, I call this a symptom of depression. So therefore, finding ways to build our relationship skills and engage with those around us who love us is one of the keyways to overcome depression in life.

Our depression can also be measured by our thoughts. Our thoughts shape our behaviors. How and what we think about also affects us and directly impact on how we behave and feel. Thinking of depressing thoughts, hopeless thoughts can cause us to be depressed. To truly overcome depression you need a good and healthy relationship, you need to eradicate negative thinking from your mind, and you need to enhance and nurture your positive emotions.

Life is a journey; life is like two edge sword, one side brings joy happiness and enjoyment while the other side brings pain, anguish, sorrows, disasters and difficulty. In literary terms, life is like a bus and we are the passenger while God is the controller, in this scenario, depression is seen as pot holes. No matter how many pot hole you come across you must jump and pass. This is applicable to real life, depression is very rampant and no matter what you do, you will definitely encounter depression one way or the other, the question right now is, what do you do when you are depressed?

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Sincerely speaking, you need healthy and close relationships that will always be there to guide, inspire, encourage, motivate you and finally assist you both financially, psychologically, socially and academically. That is the only way you can overcome depression in life.

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