How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug addiction or drug abuse is a chronic disease that has affected approximately 8% of world adult population. This condition involves the use and abuse of drugs despite harmful consequences the drug may cause on your health. One of the consequences of drug abuse is addiction. Addiction changes the brain so that the victim becomes unable to control intense urges to take drugs, making someone been unable to quit taking drugs.

Genetics, family history, psychological and environmental factors also play a major role in shaping drug abuse. Although when addicted to drugs, it becomes a difficult condition to overcome, most people are able to overcome drug abuse. It takes a complete commitment, discipline, determination, social support and treatment for one to overcome drug abuse.

However, I have outlined five simple ways to over drug addiction, they are as follows.

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1. Get a Haircut and Some New Clothes

By getting a haircut or dressing slightly more formal you can alter how others see you. This can also help you see yourself in a new way and as a clean person. By changing your wardrobe, you can improve your self confidence.

2. Gtart a Daily Exercise Routine

Exercise is a great way of coping with stress. It can help you cope during recovery from drug addiction. Also, exercise can help restore dopamine levels in the brain to their normal levels prior to drug abuse. So, starting an exercise routine can help you cope and heal from drug abuse. Start a daily walking or hiking routine. A brisk 15 minute walk can help you cope with cravings and enjoy your surroundings.

Try yoga. Yoga offers a nice balance of physical activity and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. It can help you balance mind and body and makes you feel good. Try a strength training regime. Weight training can help you not only build muscle but also restore your natural sleep cycle. If you have insomnia problems, it can be especially beneficial. Join a team sport. Playing on a team sport has the added benefit of socializing away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol.

3. Start a Meditation Practice to Deal with Your Stress

Since you are quitting drugs, you will need another way to cope with stress and anxiety. Meditation can be used to relax and cope with stress and anxiety. Take 5 minutes in the morning or the evening, sit in a nice chair, and simply watch your breath move in and out of your body.

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4. Make a Detailed Plan to Stop Abusing Drugs

The first thing you have to do to overcome drug addiction is to make a detailed plan to stop abusing drugs. This simply means, you should include detailed and feasible goals. Drug treatment facilities will generally require complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol. If you are quitting outside of a treatment facility, you may decide to set a series of goals that build in ambition until you have achieved abstinence.

For instance, you might decide to gradually reduce your consumption in the first week or two, aim for near abstinence in the third week, and then aim for complete abstinence afterwards. Talk to your doctor about your plan. Your plan should also include details on new activities that do not include drugs, and places to meet new people who are not part of the drug scene.

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You will need to be 100% committed to the goals you set. Achieving your goals will involve a complete change of your life such as the friends you spend time with and the way you spend your time. You may need to change your social circle so that outside influences and peer pressure will not hinder your recovery. A good friend will encourage clean living without using drugs or alcohol.

5. Eat Healthy Fats, Sufficient Carbohydrates and Limit Caffeine

The brain can be damaged from drug abuse so you need to give it the proper nutrients to heal. For instance, a good diet to recover from drug abuse should include healthy fats (e.g., flax oil), limited caffeine intake, and adequate carbohydrates. You should also avoid fried foods and other sources of saturated fats. Try nutrition counselling. Medical nutrition counselling for individuals with drug addiction focuses on stabilizing mood, reducing stress, reducing cravings, and addressing underlying medical conditions.

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Increase your consumption of omega 3 fatty acids. You can find omega 3 fatty acids in fish like Mackerel, Salmon, White Fish, Tuna, and Herring. You can also find healthy fats in flaxseeds, walnuts, and chia seeds. You can also find them in egg yolks. If you follow these seven tips that I have stipulated above, then you will be able to manage your time very well and free yourself from stress.

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