How to Overcome Self-Doubt [Inspiring Story]

Before I proceed with this topic, I will first look at the proverb from one of our greatest philosopher and it says; “If doubt is challenging you and you do not act, doubts will grow. Challenge the doubts with action, and you will grow.” This give me a strong hold on what self-doubt can do in our life. Self-doubt is the greatest obstacle that will hinder our chance of success. Many people will want to argue with this observation, but I stated this fact base on thorough research and personal experience. Many people are face with this menace and it has eaten deep into their mind.

Many people doubt their potentials, they doubt that they will ever get to where their vision is, they never believe that they could ever become successful. All this are what I called self-doubt and if it is not eradicated or well managed it will hinder your chance of achieving success. We are face with choices in life, either we believe it or doubt it, it is a choice and we must be smart while choosing any. Have you ever ask yourself why some people are becoming successful and actualizing their dream, it is because they never doubted themselves.

When you begin to doubt yourself then you will begin to pass over opportunities, opportunity that would have made you successful and famous in life. It is no secret that successful people successfully manage high levels of risk, fear, discomfort and doubt on a consistent basis. Could this be the reason why they are successful in the first place?

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In my previous post, I talked about Mercy Johnson, one of Nollywood famous actress, in her early stages of life she encountered a lot of difficulties, but they is one thing that she held onto which has made her very successful today and that is believing in herself. She never had self-doubt, she never doubted her potential, she knew she was a good actress and when the opportunity came she quickly accepted it without any single doubt of herself and gave it a big shot. Today she has being recognized as one of Nollywood famous actress all over the world.

For everyone else who strives to accomplished and become successful in their own life, they see self-doubt and uncertainty as something that must be avoided at all costs. For them they must have certainly; they must have the self-assurance they need in every situation in order to move forward successfully with confidence. However, unfortunately that’s not how life works. There are no guarantees. But what is clear is that no matter what situation you face, there is actually value in experiencing self-doubt. Yes, it’s actually advantageous if you see it in the right context or perspective.

The same is applicable to Linda Ikeji, she has being a struggling entrepreneur for years, the greatest thing about her was that she never doubted her potential, she believed in herself and have never for one day doubted her vision and dream. At first when she started her blog she wasn’t receiving reasonable amount of visitors, but she never doubted her dream, she worked towards it believing that one day she will become successful and today she is refer to as the richest blogger in Africa.

Another key advantage of self-doubt is that it helps you gain clarity about what’s most important and about what’s required to achieve your desired goal. You see, when you have doubts, you begin to think differently about your circumstances. This process of thinking allows you to see things that you normally would have missed if there was no doubt on your mind. As such, you can potentially save yourself an ample amount of time by diligently exploring your doubts and the resulting consequences before moving forward. Therefore, your self-doubt becomes a “caution mechanism” that prevents you from making potential mistakes or less than optimal decisions moving forward.

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Most of you have dreams, ambition and vision in life, it is only when you believe in yourself that you can achieve those dreams, when you start doubting yourself, it will become really impossible for you to actualize your dream. Though you may be having the feeling of self-doubt, simply because you are afraid that you might fail, but I tell you, your failure is very important, because it is what determines your success.

It is also helpful to share your doubts with others. When you share what you’re uncertain about with other people, they will likely provide you with a fresh and unique perspective of the situation. As a result, you may begin to see the situation in a new and more positive light, which can help you make more optimal decisions moving forward.

So given all this, it’s certainly clear that self-doubt isn’t such a bad thing after all. As long as you don’t give-in to your doubts and instead use them in an advantageous way, then you can most certainly make the most of an uncertain situation moving forward.

If you fell today, try again and you will become successful tomorrow; don’t allow your failure to wail you down, the more you fail, the more successful you will become. That is the principle of life, successful people see failure as a lesson, they believe that the more they fail, the more they will learn. So when you have self-doubt, try to eradicate it or manage it, if not, you will literary be unable to attain success.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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