Pastor Giwa Tells Buhari To Grant IPOB Their Wish And Call For A Referendum Immediately

Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has told President Muhammadu Buhari to, without any further delay, call for a referendum to determine Nigeria’s break up. According to him, the President must respect the decisions of majority Nigerians who have resolved to part ways due to bad governance.

The cleric, who addressed his members in Akure on Sunday, specifically urged the president and other political leaders in the country, to commence referendum processes towards the disintegration of Nigeria. According to Pastor Giwa, Nigerians are more ready to be slaves to their people than slaves to the Fulanis who have castrated the citizens over the years.

According to his words; “Please, tell the president and other politicians in Nigeria that no power can stop the decisions of Nigerians to part ways. Without wasting time, they should call for a referendum to determine Nigeria’s break up. The citizens are tired, and they can no longer bear the pain of bad leadership.

“Nigerians can no longer allow selfish politicians to fool them. I am ready to be a slave to my own people rather than being a slave to Fulani emperors. When Bernard Bourdillon, the Governor-general at that time initiated and laid the foundation of federalism in Nigeria in 1939 by creating three provinces, everything was good and peaceful.

“Also, the Western region led by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo witnessed free education. He brought the first television to Africa, called Western Nigeria Television Service. Who says we can’t manage our resources? We will be better off managing our region than allow Fulanis to continue to rule us and inflict pain on our people.

“After the separation, we will go back to a free education program, and give our people the best governance they enjoyed in those days. It is better for President Buhari to listen to Nigerians before things go out of hand. God has turned His back against them. He is ready to release the oppressed from oppressors.

“They have turned our graduates to ‘Keke Napep drivers while many of them walk around wandering. The end has come to sufferings, hunger, intimidation and injustice in Nigeria. By the power of God, Nigeria shall be called by a new name in no time.

“Why are they running away from disintegration when they surely know that this is the only solution to injustice and bad governance?

“If you are a man of God and claiming that God doesn’t talk to you to speak against injustice and bad governance in Nigeria and the world at large, I wonder what kind of God you serve and you also need to check your “Calling” very well. Prophet Jehu, the son of Hanani confronted King Jehoshaphat and told him the evil his administration had done.

“You don’t only talk when issues affect you; I remember when churches were shut down across the country last year, the situation affected all Christians. How can you say God does not tell you to speak against evil? Pastor Adewale Giwa stated.

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