Pastor Who Went To Hell Makes Claims That Rihanna’s Music ‘Umbrella’ Was Being Sang By A Demon

Pastor who went to hell makes claims that Rihanna’s music ‘Under My Umbrella’ was being sung by a demon in hell fire. The Pastor who went viral on TikTok for claiming he saw hell fire during a near-death experience is trying to set the record straight about his life-altering event. Gerald A. Johnson, the lead pastor of Faith Culture Church in Austin, Texas in the United States of America, went viral earlier this month after a video he recorded in 2016 about his near-death experience took to social media by storm and broke the internet.

The video, which racked up more than four million views on Tiktok alone, gained coverage in a number of news articles, including one on Billboard titled: TikTok Pastor Says He Went to Hell and Demons Tortured Him while singing Rihanna song ‘Under My Umbrella’.

While Johnson does believe he was taken to hell, it was exactly the music of Rihanna that he heard during his fleeting glimpse of eternal damnation. Recounting the episode in full in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Johnson said he awoke in bed one night in February 2016 suffering sharp pains in his chest.

Believing he was having a heart attack, Johnson said he started praying to God and before he knew it he had lost consciousness. The next thing he remembers, was the claims that his spirit was  floating up out of his body and looking down to see his lifeless form on the bed beneath him.

According to him, in 2015, the year before his spirit left him, he went through a series of betrayal as people were turning him down, people he has done a lot for, instead sort to attack him.

Johnson further stated that he has been a minister for five years and so dealing with other people’s problems, hurts, pains, and then dealing with all that betrayal, was a lot to carry. Johnson believes his harbored stress triggered an unknown heart-related event which came hard on him and almost took his life. Luckily for him God sent him back to his lifeless body after witnessing the horrible events in hell.

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