Peter Obi Give Reasons Why Nigeria Has Qualified As A Failed State That Needs Urgent Change

The Labour Party Presidential candidate, and former Governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, has given reasons why Nigeria has qualified as a failed state that needs urgent change. According to Peter Obi, it is important to look at where we are today for people to understand the gravity of the journey we are going to take if we are going to transit. Peter Obi revealed that Nigeria has qualified to be a failed state. He said we have exhibited the biggest characteristics of a failed state.

According Peter Obi, the first characteristics of a failed state are when a country is no longer in charge of its territory. As of today, we are among the top terrorist countries in the world and also among the top kidnapping countries in the world in terms of banditry and criminality. He further stated that bandits have taken over some parts of this country and Nigerians are being killed on a daily basis.

Peter Obi, further revealed that the second point to show that Nigeria is a failed state is that we are no longer in control of our economy. He stated that in our economy today, we have over 100 million people living in poverty and our unemployment is one of the worst in the world because we have a combined unemployment rate of 50 percent and underemployment.

He disclosed that out of 200 million Nigerians, 60 per cent are supposed to be working, which means we are supposed to have 120 million Nigerians working, but today the Nigerians that are working are under 50 million.

Peter Obi said we got here because of the cumulative effect of leadership failure over the years, and the solution is that the 2023 election will be about character, competence, capacity, and commitment to deliver.

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