Peter Obi Reveals How The Advice He Got From A Mad Man Stop Crime In Upper Iweka Onitsha

Peter Obi, former Anambra state governor and the presidential candidate for Labour Party on his verified Twitter page reveals how he got an advice from a mad man that changed his political career. He stated that the best advice he got in Anambra state to stop crime in a place called Upper Iweka in Onitsha was from a mad man. He made the statement when he was asked a question about the plan he has for the people with disability if he is hopefully elected as the president of Nigeria.

According to his words; “Let me tell you what happened today. I went to visit a place and somebody said to me, there is a conference going on with people with disabilities, and I said I can’t leave without going there, so I went there, embraced them and started talking to them. I just went on my own. They didn’t invite me.

I told them one thing, they are not disabled, they are only physically challenged. We are all the same thing. We will show you love and we will not show you hatred. I told them one story. The best thing I did in Anambra state, the best advice I got in Anambra state, to stop crime in upper Iweka Onitsha, I got it from a mad man.

“There was a mad man who sleeps there, when I came as a governor, he came to embrace me and everybody pushed him away. And I said no. When I hugged him he asked me a question if I was looking for a particular thing, and I said yes, and he told me exactly what to do, and that was the end,” Mr Peter Obi stated.

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