Peter Obi Shouldn’t Be Underrated Cuz He Has Massive Organic Supporters – Yemi Reveals

Yemi Adamolekun, the Executive Director, Enough Is Enough said that Peter Obi has mass organic supporters all over Nigeria behind him and this is one of the reasons why he shouldn’t be underrated in any way. Yemi Adamolekun stated that the force Peter Obi is moving along with is very massive and other parties should be careful of him.

There is no doubt that Peter Obi has a mighty moving force in Nigeria despite his being in a minor party, being in a minor party didn’t stop his supporters from following him. The Peter Obi movement is a movement no one should underrate at all.

This movement is a movement that doesn’t care about ethnicity nor does it care about religion, you can find the Igbos, Yorubas, and Hausas in the Peter Obi movement likewise you can find Christians and Muslims in the Peter Obi movement.

Many people may look down on the movement, not knowing that they are prepared for the upcoming presidential election which will hold in 2023. Peter Obi shouldn’t be underrated during the upcoming presidential election Yemi Adamolekun warns. Yemi Adamolekun made the warning during an interactive session at Arise Television.

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