The Power of a Clear Vision [Inspiring Story]

Have you asked yourself this question; what is my purpose in life? Many people are working hard but yet they are not profiting in their business and before you know it they may decides to quit their business or job and search for another one that will be more profitable to them. All this mindset is cause by lack of clear vision. So in this post I am going to be talking about the power of vision in our life.

Visions are metaphysical imagery we see concerning our future or it is the process of seeing what we wish to achieve in life or seeing an ambition that we are aiming to achieve in a supernatural way. The major component of vision are; Foresight and Insight. Foresight helps you to correct your mistake; it allows you to see ahead of you. This is when you see something ahead of you. For example, you are an undergraduate studying medical science in the university and foresight will enable you to see yourself as a medical doctor. While Insight; helps you to see details of what you want to achieve.

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A man without a vision is a man without a future. When you don’t have a vision you go to the past. If you are pulled by your past you will never have a vision. But if you are pulled by your future then you will have a vision.

Vision is what makes your activity meaningful. Even the bible said it, that people perish due to lack of no vision.

Here Are The Things That Vision Will Do For You

  1. It will construct your present reality or contradict your present reality.
  2. A true vision will show you an image that will be different in future.
  3. Vision will comfort your sense of reasoning
  4. Those without vision take their time thinking of their past
  5. If you have a vision it will confront your challenges
  6. Being focus in what you do is a clear vision
  7. A vision conceal new opportunities
  8. It conceive new opportunities
  9. Your vision will make a way for you when there is no way
  10. A vision connect you to resources
  11. A vision will concentrate your energy
  12. Your vision will help you to concentrate your energy to fight poverty 13.
  13. Vision is a clear image on how the future will be

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What You Should Do With The Vision You Have

*You must write it down. The act of writing down a vision commits you to it. The power of writing is significant.

*A vision must be broken down, explained and achieved

*A vision must produce action, it must inspire you, when others read your vision they must be inspired.

*A vision has a time frame. You must appoint a time for your vision.

*Your vision must be attractive

*A vision must lead to a reality, it must be manifested

*A true vision requires perseverance, it enables you to stay focus and keep you working.

*Short term visions are frustrating, rather go for long term vision.

*Things must be made to happen. Your vision and future will be 1000 times better than your present and past. Long term vision is the best, go and work for 20 years vision, plan it and achieve it. Work hard and be focus.

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