Pray For My Husband Olu Jacob He Is Slowly Dying – Joke Silva Cry Out

In a recent interview with media personality Nancy Isime, veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva opened up about her husband, Olu Jacobs battle with dementia. Olu Jacobs, a well-known Nollywood actor, has been suffering from the condition since 2021. Joke Silva said that the diagnosis has been difficult for both of them, but that she is committed to supporting her husband through his illness. She also revealed that Olu Jacobs is no longer the man she married.

According to her words; “It hasn’t been easy. It is almost as if the person you married 80 percent of the time is no longer there,” she stated. She however called on her loving fans all over the world to pray for her husband who is slowly dying. Despite the challenges, Joke Silva said that she still loves her husband and is determined to stay by his side.

Dementia is a chronic brain disorder that causes a decline in memory, thinking and behavior. It is a progressive disease, meaning that it gets worse over time. There is no cure for dementia, but there are treatments that can help manage the symptoms.

Joke Silva further stated saying; “But the thing is this when he was there, he was an amazing man; my husband is an incredible father to his children and an amazing husband, he was practically my best friend. I could share anything with him,” she stated.

She mentioned that they had questioned Olu Jacobs’ behavior at the early stage of the ailment until his condition deteriorated. According to her words; “I always used to ball my eyes out, and then there came the point of acceptance,” she said.

The actress further revealed that her husband’s condition makes her feel like she is looking after her father as she now loves Olu Jacobs differently.

According to her words; “So in this journey now, it is like I am looking after my father, that is the way it is because the husband I knew is no longer there, but this man that is here is somebody that I still love but love in a different way,” she added.

The Nollywood couple is not only well-respected in the film industry, but they are also admired for their lasting marriage. Joke Silva revealed that they have been married for 37 years but have known each other for 42 years. They dated for five years before they got married and had two children.

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