President Buhari Biography And How He Died In 2017

Muhammadu Buhari is a Nigerian politician, military general and the current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He serves as the 15th President of Nigeria from 29th May 2015 till date. He is currently one of the most disciplined and strict presidents Nigeria has ever produced. He was born on 17th December 1942 in Daura, a small village in Katsina State in the northern part of Nigeria.

He is currently 76 years old. Muhammadu Buhari was born to a Fulani family in Daura, Katsina State, to his father Hardo Adamu, a Fulani chief, and his mother Zulaihat. He is the twenty-third child of his father. Muhammadu Buhari was raised by his mother, after his father died when he was about four years old.

In 1962, Muhammadu Buhari enrolled in the Nigerian Mili tary Training College (NMTC) at the age of 19 years old. In February 1964, the college was upgraded to an officer commissioning unit of the Nigerian Army and was later renamed the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA).

During that period the Nigerian government sent cadets who had completed their Nigerian Military preliminary training to mostly Commonwealth military academies for officer cadet training. From 1962 to 1963, Muhammadu Buhari underwent his own officer cadet training at Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot in England.

In January 1963, at the age of 20 years old, Muhammadu Buhari was commissioned as a second lieutenant and appointed Platoon Commander of the Second Infantry Battalion in Abeokuta, Ogun State in the south western part of Nigeria. From November 1963 to January 1964, Muhammadu Buhari attended the Platoon Commanders’ Course at the Nigerian Military Training College in Kaduna, in the northern part of Nigeria.

In 1964, Muhammadu Buhari facilitated his military training by attending the Mechanical Transport Officer’s Course at the Army Mechanical Transport School in Borden, United Kingdom.

From 1965 to 1967, Muhammadu Buhari served as commander of the Second Infantry Battalion and appointed Brigade Major, Second Sector and First Infantry Division from April 1967 to July 1967. From 1970 to 1971, Muhammadu Buhari was Brigade Major/Commandant of the Thirty-first Infantry Brigade.

He then served as the Assistant Adjutant-General, First Infantry Division Headquarters, from 1971 to 1972. He also attended the Defense Service Staff College, Wellington, India in 1973. From 1974 to 1975, Muhammadu Buhari was the Acting Director of Transport and Supply at the Nigerian Army Corps of Supply and Transport Headquarters.

Muhammadu Buhari is currently serving as the President of Nigeria, from 29th May 2015 till date. He is a retired major general in the Nigerian Army and previously served as the nation’s military head of state from 31st December 1983 to 27th August 1985, after taking over power in a military coup d’état.

In 1971, Muhammadu Buhari got married to his first wife, Safinatu Buhari (the first lady of Nigeria from December 1983 to August 1985). They had five children together, comprising of four girls and one boy. Their first daughter, Zulaihat (Zulai) was named after Buhari’s mother. Their other children are Fatima, Musa (deceased son), Hadiza, and Safinatu Jr.

In 1988, Muhammadu Buhari and his first wife Safinatu divorced. In December 1989, Muhammadu Buhari married his second and current wife Aisha Buhari, who is currently the First Lady of Nigeria. They also had five children together, comprising of a boy and four girls namely Aisha, Halima, Yusuf, Zarah and Amina.

On 14th January 2006, Safinatu Buhari, the former first lady of Nigeria and divorcee wife of Muhammadu Buhari, died from complications of diabetes. She was buried at Unguwar Rimi cemetery in accordance with Islamic rites.

In November 2012, Muhammadu Buhari’s first daughter, Zulaihat Junaid died from sickle cell anaemia, two days after having a baby at a hospital in Kaduna, in the northern part of Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari is now a retired major general in the Nigerian Army and previously served as the nation’s military head of state from 31st December 1983 to 27th August 1985, after taking power in a military coup d’état. The term Buharism is ascribed to the Buhari military government.

Muhammadu Buhari unsuccessfully ran for the office of President of Nigeria in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 general elections and failed. In December 2014, Muhammadu Buhari emerged as the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) for the March 2015 general elections. Muhammadu Buhari won the election, defeating the incumbent President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

This marked the first time in the history of Nigeria that an incumbent president lost to an opposition candidate in a general election. On 29th May 2015, Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the 15th democratically elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Muhammadu Buhari has stated that he takes responsibility for anything over which he presided during his military rule, and that he cannot change the past. He has described himself as a converted democrat. Few days ago a journalist has leaked an evidence that confirmed that President Buhari is dead and the person parading himself as President Buhari is an imposter from Sudan named Jubril. News accusing the current President of Nigeria of being an imposter has been going around for quite a long time now as some people have come out to say that the real President Buhari has been dead for the past three years.

The news has resurfaced recently after concerned citizens and well-wishers questioned why the President of Nigeria has been silent amid the chaos and violence happening in his country. Although no solid evidence and confirmation has been identified in order to kick out the president, however, some photos of Buhari’s death certificate has been all over the internet and social media.

Here are some photos suggesting that President Buhari’s death claims may be true and are not just empty allegations formulated by his oppositions. It is unclear if these are true but if they are somehow related to the truth, does it mean that the APC party has been deceiving the public all this while?

A Facebook post published on 16th March 2019 claims Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari died in the United Kingdom after suffering from brain cancer. Within days the post by Onyeka Ekwenugo page had been shared over 67 times and garnered 16 comments and 34 reactions.

It reads: “CNN has finally released the demise of President Muhammadu Buhari which took place on 27th January 2017. This is the highest fraudulent act that has ever been committed in the land by Northern cabals and they should all be arrested by now.”

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been out of the country since May 7, 2016, seeking medical care in London. However, he did not disclose the nature of his condition, and official updates about him have been rare.

However, the government later released a photo of President Buhari, the first image of him since he left Nigeria. That was President Buhari’s second medical leave to the United Kingdom that year; his previous trip was nearly two-months long.

President Buhari’s poor health and absence from the country raises questions about who governs when presidents get sick. However, some research done by investigative journalist and analyst about presidential ill health in Africa and in Nigeria specifically shows how important constitutions can be in dealing with sick presidents.

Unfortunately, for Nigerians, President Buhari’s condition was very bad. Everyone gets sick even presidents but on 27th January 2017, an ill Nigerian president died in office and the Presidency hide it and rather brought in an imposter from Sudan who claimed to be the President of Nigeria. The imposter has been parading in Aso Rock Villa. The death of President Buhari in 2017 was confirmed by Ex British lawmaker Eric Joyce.

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