President Buhari Government Is A Scam And A Fraudster – Nigerian Youths Lamented

In a recent interview with Pulse everyday people, Jude Egbas and Steve Dede had a discussion about the economy and the scam Nigerians now face in the hands of politicians. Steve Dede stated that before the election was conducted in 2015 Nigerian were told that President Buhari would be in charge of Security in Nigeria while Osinbajo will be in charge of Nigerian economy, but so far everything has turned out to be a scam.

He also spoke about a picture which circulated in the Internet showing President Muhammadu Buhari with “milo”. Steve Dede stated that the essence of the photo was a scheme to lure Nigerians into believing that the governments have the interest of the nation at heart.

He further stated that things have grown from bad to worse as they tried covering up their deeds by blaming it on the COVID19 pandemic but they failed to realize that the country was already in shatters before the pandemic. Steve Dede also added that “during the tenure of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President Buhari and the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo both made a video and tweeted that Goodluck Jonathan should leave the presidential seat if he is not capable of handling security in the country.

He then asked, why is the government calling Nigerians request of Buhari’s resignation a ridiculous idea? Why can’t the president practice what he preached five years ago? Steve Dede further told the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed to discuss better issues bothering Nigeria other than social media.

Jude Egbas also added that the problem Nigeria is currently facing is insecurity and not social media. He said the ministry of information and Culture has regulated the mainstream media and the airways but they are finding it hard to regulate the social media and this is why they are trying all their possible best to shut the internet so they can cover up their deeds and corruption.

Steve Dede ended the show by calling out the Ministry of Information and Culture saying that Nigerians are suffering. He urged the Minister to stop talking about social media regulation because there are dire situations in this country that requires his attention, his utterances and his energy.


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