President Buhari Has Sanctioned CNN & BBC Over Its Report On EndSars Protest

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has sanctioned the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and American’s Cable Network News (CNN) and refers to them as a disgusted and nasty media stations. Buhari slam the international television stations over it reports and coverage on the EndSARS Protests. Buhari stated through his spokesman, Garba Shehu, criticizing the International Media and accusing them of unstable reports on the casualties of the EndSARS Protest.

President Buhari who was previously reported to be incompetent to handle the affair of Nigeria has accused CNN and BBC referring to them as an enemy that is aim to destabilize his administration. Buhari further revealed that CNN and BBC in their reports removed the attacks on Police Stations, attacks on Government properties, attacks in prisons and the killing of some Police Officers during the protest.

According to his words;

“I was irritated by the coverage of CNN and BBC on #EndSar Protest, which did not give attention to the Police Officers that has been killed, and several Police Stations that were burnt down.

President Buhari therefore warned that the government will not allow any further violent demonstrations in the Country in the form of #EndSars protest, adding that “Lack of honesty and Democracy does not mean Confusion.”

Buhari further added that the Federal Government do not stop anybody from displaying a peaceful protest, but warned that people should not set up roadblocks and smash windscreen. He further reveals that no Government will allow anarchy in the form of protest. President Buhari stated that his government will not tolerate any other #EndSars protest and those planning to embark on another #EndSars protest will be treated as insurgent and terrorist. He warned that citizens should remain law abiding and go about their normal businesses.

Few weeks ago, CNN reported news revealing that Soldiers shot at Protesters at the Lekki Toll gate on October 20, 2020 killing many Nigerian youths. CNN during its investigation also uncovered that the bullets used during the Lekki Toll Gate massacre was a 2015 brands from Serbia, which the Army denied the use of Live Ammunition during the #EndSars Protest.

However, the Nigerian Government led by Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the CNN and BBC reports and refer to them as fallacious and irresponsible.


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