Prof Bolanle Reveal Reason Why Nigeria Should Continue As One Indivisible Country

Prof. Bolanle Awe, a prominent historian has warned Nigerians against breaking up in the country, stating that if it is broken it will not be respected in the community of nations, which is in the international community. According to the former Commissioner for Education in Old Oyo State, Prof. Bolanle Awe, the kidnapping of schoolboys and girls, as well as insecurity in the country is alarming, terrible, and tragic.

According to his words; “I don’t want us to go our ways, it would be a pity, considering we are one of Africa’s largest countries. We are also well-liked, and we have a lot of promise.

“As soon as we go our separate ways, our strength diminishes. We can’t have the same might and audacity as a single major country. Even within the vastness, there are numerous groupings, each with its unique sets of capabilities.

“We will see that we are a huge and amazing country if we can put all of our potential together. There is scarcely any one who is unconcerned about the current state of affairs in the country.

“It is a sad thing because we are losing lives and they are precious lives. Many children are abducted, murdered, or kidnapped, particularly at schools. I am horrified that schoolboys and girls could be abducted, not just being kidnapped but also being kidnapped and killed,” Prof. Bolanle Awe concluded.

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