Prophet Odumeje Drops 7 New Prophecies – Says Nigerians Should Watch And Pray

Nigerian controversial Prophet Odumeje has dropped 7 new prophecies that will happen in Nigeria. The self proclaim Ndaboski while disclosing these prophecies in a video on Facebook said Nigerians should be prayerful and that they should seek God’s help in order to remedy the things about to happen in the country.

In the first prophecy, Odumeje said; “I am seeing a premature death coming to a family. In the second prophecy, Odumeje said; “There is a war in the realm of the spirit. Let’s pray for this country because I’m seeing the explosion of a bomb, and a lot of people were affected by the explosion”.

In the third prophecy, Odumeje said; “I see a big market catch fire in Onitsha city. Many people lost their money and businesses from the incidence. We shall pray against this accidence”.

In the fourth prophecy, Odumeje said; “Let’s pray against the death of people in a movie. These people are people that are known around the world. I see the person die in a sudden accident that was manipulated by the enemy”.

In the fifth Prophecy, Odumeje said; “Be prayerful this year because the danger that is coming is great. The danger will last for 4 months. It started from this month. I saw where Guns were been shot at people. People were running for their lives. But my God shall protect you”.

In the sixth prophecy, Odumeje said; “This is a warning to Nigeria. Don’t relax on your seat. Everybody that is on top of the seat is not safe because there is an anger coming up in a higher dimension from the masses. And this anger from the masses is coming directly to the leaders. I am only seeing confusion everywhere. I pray, may the Lord restore peace to this country. This country needs a massive prayer. This is an instruction to the people that thought they were wise but had nothing to offer”.

In the seventh prophecy, Odumeje said; “Fire burnt down a big house and a lot of people died in that house. And that house I am seeing is not ordinary, it is an evil place where souls were used for sacrifice”. The prophet concluded this session by saying; “mark all these prophecies because I am seeing them clear”.

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