Prophet Odumeje Threatens To Kill Pastor Chris Okotie

The general overseer of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje, has threatened to kill Pastor Chris Okotie. Prophet Odumeje made the threat while warning Pastor Chris Okotie to desist from attacking deceased Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All nation.

Prophet Odumeje in a Facebook church service monitored by our correspondent on Sunday added that Pastor Chris Okotie is in a far lesser position to analyze the lifetime of Prophet TB Joshua.

According to his words and I read; “There is a man who doesn’t want a dead prophet to rest in peace and allow his family to mourn the deceased prophet and the person I am talking about is Pastor Chris Okotie. Young man, we have respected you enough, I have not seen you do anything in this life, if you are jealous of TB Joshua, then save souls like TB Joshua did.

“And for you to come out to say TB Joshua was a devil and for you to begin to analyze someone else life. Does answering Emmanuel mean he is a devil? He named his church synagogue because he has the right to name his church whatever name he chose to name his church, so does answering the name of Jesus mean you are Jesus Christ?

“When you can’t do what a man can do, you have no right to talk bad about him because you are not in the same level and you don’t have the same qualification and you are not in the same spiritual balance. Before you open your mouth to speak about a man you must have done what he did, but when you can’t do such things, then you are not qualified to talk against him because he is too far from you.

What you don’t understand please don’t criticize it, what you need to do is to keep quiet. Talking against it makes you more childish. Pastor Chris Okotie I am still warning you. English, is not our own language, go and deliver yourself first,” Prophet Odumeje stated.

Prophet Odumeje also commented on Pastor Chris Okotie’s presidential ambition to lead Nigeria. According to the words of Prophet Odumeje and I read; “When I hear you say you want to rule Nigeria, I see that you are suffering from insanity, and requires slap to correct the senses. I don’t reply people with stories; I reply them with deadly spiritual weapons. Some men of God may call police, but I don’t because I am a man of power.”

The fiery preacher compared himself to Elisha, saying “Emmanuel Television can be the preacher of love but I am indaboski Pahose; I am not a preacher of love, if you attack me mistakenly I will kill you by correcting you.

If you talk against TB Joshua, Emmanuel Television or if you come on Facebook and speak against him, I will answer you in the spiritual altar, wait for me. Enough is enough; nobody should speak against TB Joshua. This is a warning don’t say I didn’t warn anybody. Go to any filling station you won’t see someone roasting corn, nobody tries it because you will catch fire. So I warn you again Pastor Chris Okotie stop speaking evil about TB Joshua otherwise I will attack you myself,” Prophet Odumeje stated.

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