What Is Your Purpose In Life? [Inspiring Story]

InspirationWhat do you want to achieve in life? What is your purpose in life? Living life without limit is having a purpose to fulfill in life. Every human being always asks this particular question; what is my purpose in life? Everyone wants to find true happiness in life, but honestly you won’t find happiness without a purpose in your life.

A life without purpose is a life without meaning and a life without meaning is a life without hope and a life without hope is a worthless life. Have find your purpose in life? Do you have a purpose in life? Have you found something that interests you so dearly? Something that makes you happy, something that makes you a fulfill person in life.

The funniest thing that people always seek in life is about self-gratification, everyone wants to find true happiness, everyone wants true success, everyone is only thinking of him/herself. They always think about themselves only and forget to look at what true purpose in life is all about, they always focus on me! me!! me!!!  Nobody wants to think of the others happiness, all there are interested in is self-gratification.

They never thought of what will make the person sitting beside them happy. True purpose in life is something that you love doing and which is useful to you and also to others; it is all about rendering services to others. The greatest purpose you can have in life is the purpose of becoming hope for the hopeless, comfort for the distress, rock for the weak, and a shoulder for people to lean on. To find true purpose in life you must have to think of things that will be beneficial to your neighbor and not only to yourself.

True purpose in life is to become a comforter that will comfort people, an inspiration that will inspire people, a motivator that will motivate people, a leader that will guide people and a shoulder that people can lean on when they are weak and helpless. How many people have you help in life? Living in temporary happiness will always make you feel meaningless, so what do you have passion for? What is that thing that holds too much value to you that you can’t do without? What is your purpose in life? What is your dream? Do you have vision in life? These are the things you must consider in life. But the only obstacle to actualizing your dream and purpose in life is fear. Many people are afraid of how to get to where they are going, they are afraid of failure, when you allow fear to take control of your life then how would you realize that purpose that is so dear to you in life?


Many people want to be a doctor so that they can save lives but yet they are not ready to pay the supreme sacrifice that is reserved for the position. To become a doctor you must study really hard to become an expert in the field and not only to earn certificate. Many people focus their mind on certificate and money and tend to forget the real purpose of studying that course (Doctor) which is saving lives. You must have a purpose in life if you really want to live a fulfilled life.

Whatever dream you have and wish to achieve will always come to pass as long as you have purpose in life and you are so dear to your dreams and work towards actualizing it. No matter how many times people criticize you, never lose focus on your dreams, your purpose in life is what keep you going even in time of difficulties. There is every chance for you to achieve and actualize your dreams, as long as you don’t allow fear to hold you back. When you have purpose in life, you sincerely need to walk towards actualizing that purpose.

First, you must be sure your purpose in life is not only for self-gratification; you must think of other people around you, your purpose should be focus on your immediate environment. Find out those things that are going on around your immediate environment and work towards it. Many people may put you down, criticize you, call you names, but never allow negative thought to cluster your mind, you must be positive in your thinking and things you do and never give-up. A life without a purpose is a life without meaning and a life without meaning is a life without hope and when you live in a life without hope you will be tempted to give up in life and when you give up that is the end for you.

So ask yourself this question; do you want to be remembered in future or do you want to be forgotten entirely and go down in history. The kind of life you live on earth is how people will measure you. If you live a worthy life people will see you as a role model but if you live a wayward life people will look down on you and you will go down in history and nobody will talk anything good about you. What is your purpose in life?

Nick Vujucci is a famous inspirational speaker and most of you know him, he is from Australia and was born without limbs, arms and leg. He grew up with so much pain, looking at his situation hurt him the most and he wondered how he could marry, live a normal life, be free from people mockery, hug his wife and children. He tried to commit suicide many times, but when he discovered his real purpose in life everything in his life changed. He decided to help people instead of concentrating on things he doesn’t have.

He had to become a motivational speaker, he dreamed of becoming a famous inspirational speaker who will inspire the world and change the world. He had a purpose on earth and his purpose was to change the world. So he used his challenges, personal experiences and disability to captivate people’s mind and draw their attention towards him, then he uses his gifted power of communication to motivate and inspire people all over the world.

Without limb, arm and leg, Nick was able to actualize his purpose and dream in life, then what about you who have everything, all God creatures is complete in your body, what have you achieve in your life? Do you have any purpose in life? Have you done anything to manifest yourself on people’s live? Have you done anything that people will remember you for? What is your purpose in life? I therefore challenge you to search for your purpose in life, manifest yourself on people’s life, help people and let people talk good about you. It is only when you have purpose in life and realizes that purpose that you can live a fulfilled life.

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Patience, dedication, passion, hardworking and prayers to God are the fundamental keys to financial success and freedom in life.

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